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Cold morning pretty Mommas.❤️ Second day off for the week allocating to update my blog page. I haven’t done so much travel or shopping lately as you can probably see in my recent blog posts apart from the last Ikea trip we had because I’m saving money to process my UK residency. I can’t believe it would this expensive just to be continually staying legally in this country. It’s way too much to be honest for us immigrants to be charged with the current visa processing. We do pay taxes religiously,never had the right to avail public funds at all, we helped with the manpower of most job shortages list here like me as a registered nurse and Mon works as a software developer but then those contributions won’t be enough to be considered to lower the residency payment. If we would try to appeal to be given considerations about our concerns with the overpriced rate, I bet the usual response will be, “If you can’t afford it then go back to your own country!” I felt like immigrants like us have no right to complain or even request with their laws on the immigration process. If we wanted to work here then follow the rules without question. Sad truth from a lady originally coming from a third world country.

If only the Philippine wages would equate to how we are paid here, with no doubt, I will immediately book a ticket to go home.

I’m sorry if I started my blog with a negative expression of my restricted finances a.k.a. my broke sentiment drama. I just got to let it out pretty Mommas. Anyway, enough with my moaning about being broke this month.LOL🤣

I asked my Akyn to pose with me before going to church. Seldom when this Momma looks presentable so might as well take the chance to capture the once in a blue moon appearance.❤️

I tried to do an OOTD shoot but forgot to wear my shoes on to complete the look. It’s making it very obvious I am not really very good with doing OOTD shots. LOL 🤣Learning is a continuous process my dear. At least I am trying to get rid of the usual Millenial pose with a peace sign.OMG. Can I be considered now as part of the Tita group?🤣🤣I’m trying to pull off a Korean drama outfit here. Hope I’m giving justice to what I’m trying to copy. 😘

Had to do a selfie before going to church,too. Boooom! Make up is the secret to hide our real age. Who would have thought I am a Tita generation in the making.😂😂😂Age is just a number for me! I’ve used the Avon liquid eyeliner plus their brow pencil and it absolutely completed my look. I call this make up the Tita looking Dalaga. 🤣🤣🤣Hahaha. Remember ladies, we apply make up to make ourselves feel good about how we look and not because we do it for others to appreciate. Who cares what the world would say? I care about myself contentment of being ME❤️

Bought a boquet of flowers from Tesco with a yellow tag. Prices of goods now a days are ridicously high,too. Finding gems on sale like these pretties is a must. I only paid a pound and fifty instead of the full price of usually five pounds and above.Such a steal!

Aside from buying on sale stuff, I’ve also learned making DIY projects at home instead of buying from shops.

This is my first two tone pouch I made to store my DIY scrunchies I will be giving to my sister on our next vacation back home. It ain’t looking perfect but for a first timer like me,I think I did a splendid job.🤣🤣🤣

Look how many scrunchies I did already. I do my own hair accessories especially at work when we are required to tie our hair on shift. I have several designs of scrunchies to choose from.😘I also did some new ones to give to Akyn’s close friends at school. I normally make one as a gift to those I hold dear.😍

My friend at work Lisa shared here kitchen secret to a hassle free cooking using JD Seasonings. It’s a game changer. I made my first own Chicken Tikka Masala using it and it tasted like a proper British cooking. I’m not good in cooking so using this seasoning made it easier for me to get the desired taste of the recipe. Thank you so much Liz.❤️

My creation for last night’s meal.👍

That’s about it for my latest life update. I’ll wrap up the post with this message,”Wherever we are in this world, life will never treat us fairly everytime. “We just need to find our own way of surving the struggles and increasing our faith to get through it.

Nice morning Pretties.

My Broke/No shopping allowed smile LOL😘
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