Sister’s Birthday

Happiest birthday to my beautiful sister. We got so many reasons to celebrate her birthday today. Another gift of life to enjoy the love of our family. We are so much thankful she was safe as she was approaching her natal day. If you’ve read my previous post about one of our dearest friend who recently passed away, she was my sister’s closest co-teacher. They were always together wherever they go. It just so happened during the accident my sister has an appointment for her Masters Class. If not, she could have gone with the same vehicle where Ma’am Daisy... Read More

A Special Day For My Little Sissy

I consider myself blessed for having a sister to whom I can count as my best friend and my loyal confidant since we were young. We’ve been through a lot and we courageously managed to overcome all those struggles in life. She is always there when I badly need a companion to comfort me during my weakest. When I am celebrating a victory for an event, she’s my number one fan and my cheerleader. We aren’t a perfect sibling, we fight and get annoyed with each other’s differences, but at the end of the day, we’ve learned how to compromise for... Read More

Akyn’s 1st Birthday Preparations (December 30,2016)

Akyn's birthday fall on the 30th of December which is celebrated as Rizal's Day here in the Philippines. December is such a busy month with all the Christmas parties and Reunion parties, that means we needed to book our suppliers as early as possible last year. I was the one who chose the birthday theme for Akyn (mother knows best). As you all know from my previous post (Akyn's Christening) that I had shared about how much I am into bears, so this time I opted to have Winnie the Pooh and Friends birthday theme. I'll share with you some... Read More