Dessert Buffet and Party Clown

A birthday party can never be complete without a cake. Of course, it’s the highlight of the event that everybody is waiting for the blowing of candles. Have you observed it when someone sees you buying a cake, the first question will usually be, “Who is celebrating his birthday?” Nobody will ask you if you are celebrating a town fiesta with a cake. Try asking it and let’s see how they would react if you'll ask, ”Where’s the town fiesta for this cake order?” Sounded so awkward! Lol☺ For Akyn’s birthday, I had two suppliers for my dessert. My Toy... Read More

Simply Jessie Balloon

It took me a while before I created a post regarding Akyn’s third birthday party suppliers. Sorry guys. This working mom’s schedule got so hectic rushing to complete all requirements needed for me to comply. Let’s start with our balloon decoration supplier. As I mentioned in one of my post, my grade school classmate is the sole owner of Simply Jessie Balloons, Miss Jessie Lee. While scrolling with my Facebook news feed, her business page came up. The sample designs from her previous customers looked so nicely prepared with the positive reviews from the clients. I contacted her without knowing... Read More

Akyn’s 1st Birthday Preparations (December 30,2016)

Akyn's birthday fall on the 30th of December which is celebrated as Rizal's Day here in the Philippines. December is such a busy month with all the Christmas parties and Reunion parties, that means we needed to book our suppliers as early as possible last year. I was the one who chose the birthday theme for Akyn (mother knows best). As you all know from my previous post (Akyn's Christening) that I had shared about how much I am into bears, so this time I opted to have Winnie the Pooh and Friends birthday theme. I'll share with you some... Read More