Dessert Buffet and Party Clown

A birthday party can never be complete without a cake. Of course, it’s the highlight of the event that everybody is waiting for the blowing of candles. Have you observed it when someone sees you buying a cake, the first question will usually be, “Who is celebrating his birthday?” Nobody will ask you if you are celebrating a town fiesta with a cake. Try asking it and let’s see how they would react if you’ll ask, ”Where’s the town fiesta for this cake order?” Sounded so awkward! Lol☺

For Akyn’s birthday, I had two suppliers for my dessert. My Toy Story themed cake and cupcakes were from our neighbor while the moist chocolate cake and the brownies had  them from Cakes and Memories. Please click the link here to view their website. I’m an avid fan of Cakes and Memories since I tried ordering from them during my Akyn’s first birthday. Apart from the taste, the prices are also reasonable enough to make my wallet rejoice with happiness. (Exag!)☺

I would gladly recommend them especially their moist cake. Heaven! Their brownies are also something you can’t stop eating once you’ve started one bite.

Presenting to you my do-it-your-own dessert buffet table. Not that bad, ey? I was supposed to book a local dessert table maker, however, they wanted me to avail their balloon package too so I can get the dessert package. Told them I already have a balloon decorator. Sad to say they can’t customize their package in getting only the dessert table. Alright!(shrugged shoulders) They lost one kikay customer here.

I believe it is important for a business to be flexible in catering to their customer’s needs if they wanted to increase their target market.

Akyn 133 December 30, 2018

My sister made her own version of Grahams munchkins with colorful sprinkles on top of it. Do you see that chocolate moist cake beside Akyn’s photo? That’s from Cakes and Memories for only P299. I super love it. You’ll forget your name with just one bite.☺

Akyn 53 December 30, 2018

Mama recommended me to try another supplier for the cake so we can discover more possible suppliers for other events. Our neighbor turned to be one of her acquaintance bakes affordable cakes. Perfect, no need to worry about the delivery charge. I only gave them the theme of the party and they created the design without me having a hard time searching a nice sample for them. What a hassle free service!

My pretty cake for the birthday boy. I displayed those four favorite figurine characters of Akyn at home after the event. Our clown, Ursula asked our guests to provide the approximate amount of our birthday cake as one of the questions of the party game. The first one said,”P2500.” It may looked that expensive but it’s actually way cheaper than that. The second guest said,”P1500.00.” I’m taking their answers as a compliment on how expensive Akyn’s cake looked like. The third person gave a lower amount of P1000 but was still incorrect. Then, I heard the crowd murmuring how affordable the price was with their amused facial expressions. Finally, someone got the right answer,”P900.” I can sense your jaws dropping too. I know, I’ve seen it from my guests’ reactions.☺

Akyn 10 December 30, 2018

They gave us free six cupcakes because we ordered twenty four pieces. Yey, freebies. The cupcake toppers were made by yours truly.☺To add more food in our dessert table, I also had fifty empanadas.

Akyn 54 December 30, 2018

Aside from the sweet treats, we hired a party clown to make a fun filled celebration. Many were asking how I met Ruel a.k.a clown Ursula. A friend of mine posted a crowd sourcing question looking for a party clown host online. I’ve seen quite a number of his previous clients tagging his name as the recommended host. He must be really good in his craft because his customers endorsed him to others. Well, I’m glad I found him. He travelled from Cebu City to Naga,yet, he managed to be on time as agreed. Never did he leave the event not until the closing ceremony.

Akyn 253 December 30, 2018

Thank you clown Ursula. You filled the night with your innate sense of humor. Please  click here for Urula’s FB account.

Akyn 55 December 30, 2018



  1. I love the cake design and your DIY set up dessert buffet. Sometimes, we need to squeeze out our own artistry to come with a lot better set-up without having to spend so much. I bet you must have exerted so much effort for this event. Nice one Mich.

    1. Thanls for dropping by. 😍

  2. Toy Story… Always such an awesome theme. So many great DIY tips here. We have a Barbie birthday party coming up in February and I’ll be trying to do a lot more myself in order to save. Thanks for this post, it’s giving me some good ideas. AND happy Birthday Akyn!

    1. Thank you so much for the greetings. 😍😍😍

  3. this is such a cool theme. We did it for one of my sons birthdays and it was so much fun.
    Looks like it was a fun party.

    1. Thanks Laura. Glad you liked it.☺

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