It took me a while before I created a post regarding Akyn’s third birthday party suppliers. Sorry guys. This working mom’s schedule got so hectic rushing to complete all requirements needed for me to comply.

Let’s start with our balloon decoration supplier. As I mentioned in one of my post, my grade school classmate is the sole owner of Simply Jessie Balloons, Miss Jessie Lee. While scrolling with my Facebook news feed, her business page came up. The sample designs from her previous customers looked so nicely prepared with the positive reviews from the clients. I contacted her without knowing she was my classmate before. We only knew each other’s identity during the actual event. It’s hard for anyone to know my account if we aren’t connected yet because I used my son’s photo as my primary picture and my account name is my nickname. You’ll be a great guesser if you can trace my socmed without me providing you the link.☺ What’s the point of being too secretive online?

Nothing really! Just my choice of maintaining my social media account.☺

Please click here to check Simply Jessie Balloon. I can guarantee her package prices are affordable, yet the service is exemplary. I can remember her as one of my classmates who excelled when it comes to doing DIY projects. True enough! She managed to maintain her business ALONE using her gifted hands to do it. Wow! You are an amazing working mother Jess.

So this is what I wanted to achieve. Our red and blue Toy Story theme.

Akyn 128 December 30, 2018

Cake arch with the prizes for the games

Akyn 5 December 30, 2018

Balloon table centerpiece (5 pieces)



Welcome Balloon Arch☺ Photo credits to my CCMC friends


Two Balloon Columns for the Dessert Table


Akyn 1 December 30, 2018

Our dessert and souvenir table

Please stay tuned for our next party supplier blog post. For now, I’ll sleep my tired eyes.

Sweet dreams beautiful earth.