My Cry For Repentance

The rain was pouring so hard while the twilight fades to blackness. We were about to surrender our tired bodies to sleep when a line man from a local electric company called us to inform about some problems with our electric line. Our neighbor reported seeing visions of electrical discharge coming from our main line. Not expecting for such unfortunate event, we were told they would cut our line immediately for safety reasons. I understand the urgency of the situation as it may pose a real danger not just to us, but to the neighboring houses too. My concern was... Read More

Inclination To Writing

Today, I received a notebook from my sister as her gift. Yippee! This has always been my request from her whenever she’ll asked me on what I like to receive from her. I have so much fascination to paper products because of my inclination to write. When I was in grade school, I could remember collecting paper scented stationery. I used them in sending snail mail letters to my cousins and friends (crushes lol). Mobile Phones weren’t available during my childhood years but I am grateful for experiencing the old traditional method of communication. Generations of today are presented with several... Read More

How Thoughtful Are You?

Pasalubong is a Filipino term which means a gift from someone returning from a trip. It brings excitement and happiness to us while waiting for our love ones to arrive home safely. This is one thing that I am excited to receive from Mon whenever he is away from home for a long travel or even if he is just away from his work office. I’m like a 7 year old child at heart eagerly waiting for him to come home. Mon usually arrives home late from work. Sometimes, both Akyn and Me are already sleeping when he arrives. He... Read More

Peculiar Experience From 2 Different Personalities

I just had one of the most peculiar days at work today. I was able to assist two clients with two opposite personalities. My first client was an irritated customer who was so upset for getting an incorrect information, when he last asked the bank about his concern last Friday. He sounded irate and was even calling unpleasant names to the previous employee who assisted him. I am proud of myself for not being emotionally swayed by the customer’s frustrations. I guess, I am now learning how to choose my battles wisely. This is how the conversation went with my first... Read More