How Thoughtful Are You?

Pasalubong is a Filipino term which means a gift from someone returning from a trip. It brings excitement and happiness to us while waiting for our love ones to arrive home safely. This is one thing that I am excited to receive from Mon whenever he is away from home for a long travel or even if he is just away from his work office. I’m like a 7 year old child at heart eagerly waiting for him to come home.

Mon usually arrives home late from work. Sometimes, both Akyn and Me are already sleeping when he arrives. He finishes his dinner silently and when his done eating, that’s when he wakes me up to give me his ‘Pasalubong”. Yey! His thoughtfulness makes my heart swell in happiness and makes my waistline gets bigger too. Hi extra calories and fats, we will meet again!

Sweets sweets sweets♥♥♥

This is Mon’s another way of saying “I love you” to me by showing how thoughtful he is to the things that make me happy. Thoughtfulness in marriage requires us to be familiar with our partner’s likes, their preferences as well as their pet peeves so we can avoid them.

How will we surprise them if we don’t even know what to give them? What’s one of the keys then to elicit thoughtfulness? Simple, we need to communicate with our partner. Talk with each other. We should not expect our husbands to know what we want just because they love us. They weren’t born with psychic power to read our minds. Let’s be open to our partner.

I am a chatty type of wife and Mon can attest to that. Before going to sleep, we always find time to discuss about anything we want to share with each other. We would talk about our plans, updates about how our life is going and even the most nonsense dreams that I had last night. Thanks God, he still listens to all my stories without making me feel like an imbecile discussing non-existing cartoon heroes. If I like or hate something from his actions, I simply let him know. No need for him to guess.

We also need to know their love language. How they want to express their feelings and how they want to receive our affection to them, to avoid any disconnect which might result to resentment if our partner can’t deliver the expectations we have when it comes to love expression. I’m thankful Mon is expressive both verbally and through his actions, when he wants me to feel how he adores me, which is the same way I communicate my love to him. This makes us both experience the happiness and contentment in our married life.


1 Corinthians 13:13

And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.


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