Because it is my rest day I've already made plans on how to spend it two days before I went off on duty. Isn't it obvious how much I am looking forward to chill out a bit? You know it when we are on the adulting phase already because we are so much excited to be leaving from work on time not because we got some night gigs to attend to. Rather, we wanted to spend a peaceful "ME TIME" with no stress, no rush just us enjoying what we love. So what's up for today? First things first, decided... Read More

Beauty Discovery

How's the weather today to where you at? I hope it's not freezing compared to where I am now. The locals claim the weather for the past few days were a bit milder compared to what they had last year during this season but still I find it too cold making my knees shake and my teeth clenched. I guess my body is still adjusting to my new environment. I got to buy new sets of thick clothes to warm me up. Let's just say this is the tropical Momma's adjustment period. Alright, I promised to do some beauty products... Read More

Let’s Paint

Before moving to a another place to start a new job, I spent my remaining free days with my family. Who wouldn't want to do that especially if you know it is going to take quite a few months or even a year to be together. God bless my heart to endure it. Last Monday was my scheduled flight and a day before that, while waiting for my airline ticket confirmation, we decided all to visit SM City. It's rare for me to visit a mall without having a concrete plan on what exactly am I going to do there.... Read More