Let’s Paint

Before moving to a another place to start a new job, I spent my remaining free days with my family. Who wouldn’t want to do that especially if you know it is going to take quite a few months or even a year to be together. God bless my heart to endure it.

Last Monday was my scheduled flight and a day before that, while waiting for my airline ticket confirmation, we decided all to visit SM City. It’s rare for me to visit a mall without having a concrete plan on what exactly am I going to do there. Usually when I do malling, I already got a plan beforehand on what we will be doing. We’ll just call this trip as”HAVE A BLAST TODAY”. No itinerary, no time constraints, just a free day for everybody to enjoy. If I can only do this everyday with them, I’ll be the happiest hot momma on earth.(sigh)

Our first unplanned activity was my Mama’s favorite thing to do. I love to do it too and every girls I think like it. Can you guess? It’s SHOPPING. Yikes! SM City had a footwear sale last Monday. Not sure though if how long will their discounts for shoes last. You may want to visit if you want. Most known brands are cutting their prices lower than it’s original amount, about half of its price maybe.

It’s a buy one take one promo we got here. My Mama’s new babies. An Aerowalk brand. I’m not familiar with this brand. Have you encountered any reviews about this product? Anyway, Mama liked it. She got her favorite red color and paired with the black one. You can have these both for less than a thousand Philippine peso. Affordable, isn’t it?


It’s comfy to wear when I tried fitting them.


After making her happy, we passed by a painting stall called Let’s Paint. I’m sure you’ve seen this too. I haven’t paid attention with this before because I had too much to finish with my to-do- list every time I go Malling. The prices range from 120-300 Php. And you know what’s more exciting? They are on a buy-one-take one promo again. Don’t you think I’m getting addicted with any buy one take one offer? Lol.

Let me show you some designs here to choose from.



The prices differ. So if you’ll take a 120 figurine and paired with a 200 priced one, you’ll be assuming to pay whichever is higher. Might as well get the item with the same price.


We bought one for Akyn and for me. I’ll let you see our creative output too. Please be the one to interpret our artwork.

This one here is for Akyn.


And for me. 😎


We paid P200 for both plus Php20 for two paint brushes. They will give you a free fill of paint color in case you needed extra.

The most awaited result of our effort. Here’s mine.

That’s the back portion.


What can you say about it? Also, Tadaan for my Akyn’s work of art. A mixture of all colors. 😉


We kept these two as a remembrance of our first figurine painting together.

It’s both fun and relaxing Mommas. I would greatly suggest this activity as one of your bonding activities with your kids.

Got to go for an appoinment for now. I’ll blog later about my new beauty product discovery and I will give it a little review for you to know.

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