Because it is my rest day I’ve already made plans on how to spend it two days before I went off on duty. Isn’t it obvious how much I am looking forward to chill out a bit? You know it when we are on the adulting phase already because we are so much excited to be leaving from work on time not because we got some night gigs to attend to. Rather, we wanted to spend a peaceful “ME TIME” with no stress, no rush just us enjoying what we love.

So what’s up for today? First things first, decided to wear clothes based on my OOTD choice not minding the coldness outside just for the reason of me wanting to wear something fashionable. Duh, I am always in my duty uniform! Simply missing the fun of experimenting my to go wear, you see.

Went to attend the Catholic mass in town as my first on the list task then shop a little before heading home. Guess what? I had a terrible headache when I came home because I wasn’t fully clothed to match with the weather. My coat and my tights were both not thick enough to warm me up. No more stubbornness Mich. I should wait for summer before finally wearing some nice thin layers of clothes, promise!

This is not the main meat for my post today but I wanted to share to you some of the stuff I’ve discovered just now like this facial mask. It’s my first time trying this out and it was amazing with very simple steps to follow. After washing your face leaving it a bit damp , you can apply it then wait for 15 minutes before rinsing it off. We can relax while allowing the mask to open our pores. After rinsing I can really feel the smoothness of my bare face. It’s like all the impurities hiding in my pores were all removed. I’m going to add this to my skin care routine. What do you normally use as your facial mask?


For my dinner tonight I got no plans of cooking anything special because of my terrible headache. All I got here were ready to cook meals. No need to chop or think about perfecting the ingredients. Tossed it in a heated pan then that was it.


Been craving for a Filipino dish as always. Happy to try the Tesco version of Seafood Paella. I had to add some salt to it to match with my oriental type of taste. Nothing beats still of my Mama’s style of cooking. These were enough though to satisfy my hunger for the night.



So much about my adventure for today, what I wanted to post now is our trip to Grimsby with my friends. We went their for only one purpose, to do grocery shopping. If you could imagine spending a forty five minute drive to get there just to do grocery. It’s quite unreasonable, don’t you think? What’s so special with Grimsby? There’s this store called the Company Shop selling almost 60% cheaper compared to the regular retail price of the items of the local stores here. The catch is you need to be a registered member to avail for it. Registration online is a must before going and to comply with their requirements such as two months recent payslip, utility bill showing your address and the NHS ID. Not everyone can be a member, though. Only selected few partners of them are qualified and NHS is part of them. Lucky to be one.


First to meet us were these loads of crisps and cheese favored snack.


Bought mine six for a pound of prawn flavored crackers.



I wanted to buy a wine for myself but I got scared of getting denied again if they’ll ask for my ID with my date of birth on it. I haven’t brought any ID with my birthday on it. My NHS badge doesn’t have it unfortunately. Maybe next time!


Loads of sweet for the sweet tooth.


Meat products were so much affordable. Like a kilo of chicken thigh was only for a pound? Seriously, yes!


Few haul after the trip.




Their spicy chicken curry pizza. I’m not used to this kind of flavor. I find it weird at first but it gets tastier with every bite.


It’s nice to go out with friends to discover some places you’ve never been to giving more stories to your adventure in life.


Have a nice morning everyone.


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