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How’s the weather today to where you at? I hope it’s not freezing compared to where I am now. The locals claim the weather for the past few days were a bit milder compared to what they had last year during this season but still I find it too cold making my knees shake and my teeth clenched. I guess my body is still adjusting to my new environment. I got to buy new sets of thick clothes to warm me up. Let’s just say this is the tropical Momma’s adjustment period.

Alright, I promised to do some beauty products review on my previous post. That’s going to be the meat for our today’s blog. Before coming here, Mama and I had a girl’s day out way back in my home country but of course, we really can’t call it our day to enjoy as ladies because our clingy toddler will never agree to stay at home with his Dad. Perks of being a mommy where you will always have a little companion with you tagging along wherever you go. I miss you baby.

Here’s what we’ve recently discovered, the BB AQUA 5 in 1 Make up. I honestly had no intentions of buying this. It just so happened while I was waiting in queue to pay my items, Mama who was also waiting for me was ushered by one of the sales clerk to have some free make up in Watsons.

To make the story short, we were satisfied with the end result of her free make up trial. Look at her. She looked good wearing it. It hid the skin imperfections and the visible wrinkles too.

BQA 02 Golden Biege

It’s called 5 in 1 because it has five functions in one make up : foundation, make up base, primer, sun protection and moisturizer. Isn’t that amazing?

One for Mama and one for Mine

It’s a bit pricey though. For a 20 ml the amount will already cost P499.75 but if you’re into beauty products then I would recommend this as a good buy. As the package says it can last up to 12 hours. Cool! Also, it does’t feel heavy on you face unlike other foundation brands. I’ve tried it girls.Another bonus of this product is it’s not sticky even if you’ll get sweaty in the middle of the day. Quite happy I’ve discovered it. I told Mama just to bring the empty container to the store and show it to the sales lady in case she wanted to buy a new one.

Before our day ended, my Akyn can’t go home without having his own freebies too. Mommies these sweet soft jellies candies in SM City was only for less than a hundred Php and your babies can enjoy 60 pieces of sweets.



Please drop me some comments below if you have some new make up discoveries hot Mommas. Thankie




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