One Munchkin

I was sitting in my son's bed while staring at his wall full of blue stars with his name sticker in the middle of the white wall. A minute had passed, then two, three, four minutes more when Akyn finally broke the silence in his room to ask, "What are you doing Mama?" He looked at me then to the wall then back to me like trying to figure out if there's something interesting with the blank space I've been studying about. "I'm thinking about something." "What something Mama because I need to know?" "Something complicated!" I went down the... Read More

When You’re A Mrs And They Call You Miss

The traffic congestion is getting terrible here in Cebu which made it quite a hassle in traveling to the office. This made me realize how tough it is to earn money for I have to endure all these difficulties in reporting to work. (sigh) Traffic jam is beyond my control, so let's focus instead to something we can control which I’ll be sharing with you on this post. My mood today is the exact opposite of how terrible the condition of the traffic is. I was submitting some forms to complete my documents required by the private institution. There was this part... Read More

Bliss Of Motherhood

Little did we know about the exceptional joy that motherhood can bring to me and my husband until Akyn came into our lives. We were both contended being a family with no kids and only the two of us were sharing our love together. Our mindset was whether we will be blessed to have a child or not conceiving a baby at all was totally fine with me and Mon. Adopting a baby was never an option for the two of us.☺ As a newlywed couple way back then, we used to enjoy traveling together with our friends, shopping for ourselves during... Read More