When You’re A Mrs And They Call You Miss

The traffic congestion is getting terrible here in Cebu which made it quite a hassle in traveling to the office. This made me realize how tough it is to earn money for I have to endure all these difficulties in reporting to work.

(sigh) Traffic jam is beyond my control, so let’s focus instead to something we can control which I’ll be sharing with you on this post.

My mood today is the exact opposite of how terrible the condition of the traffic is. I was submitting some forms to complete my documents required by the private institution. There was this part asking for my title prefix before my name whether I am a Mr. , Miss or a Mrs. I ticked the radio button that suits my current status. After a few minutes, the staff who received my signed paper approached me and said,

Miss, I think you got this part wrong for the title prefix. You answered Mrs. instead of a Miss.”

Should I be flattered? I calmly answered her, “ I am a Mrs and I’ve been married for 3 years now with one kid.”

The only response I got from her was a surprised face and she added,” Well, you don’t look like one!” She then smiled while continuing to process my documents.

I’ll take it as a compliment on how young do I look like based on her judgment. I also felt sad about the conception of most of us that when we say MRS, we automatically associate it to someone looking unappealing because of the exhaustion brought about by the responsibilities of caring for the family.

Mommy, Wife, Mother, whatever they call us, we should prove them wrong. Being married and having kids doesn’t mean losing our ability to care for ourselves. Caring for our bodies should not be deleted from our to-do lists. Yes, we are so damn busy everyday but we deserve to treat ourselves too. Let’s not be too stingy in spending for our needs for we are worthy to have a break from our busy wife and mom duties.

A break to give some “Mommy Time” to reduce exhaustion and stress.

You may want to try few of these ideas for our “ Mommy Time” for  relaxation purposes.

Do some shopping. We don’t really need to buy anything expensive if our budget can’t afford it. We can purchase those cheaper brands for our OOTDs. It’s not the price nor the brand that counts, it’s how you carry your clothes with confidence. Let’s show them the fashionista side of ours.

Have some manicure or pedicure. Pamper those tired feet from walking around doing errands everyday and those hands giving out care to others. It’s time for them to get colored with those stunning nail colors.

Do some exercise. You may want to hit the gym to get those flaunting curves again. If it’s too costly for the membership fees, then you can use the online exercise videos to lose some extra fats hidden in there.

Treat your hair-Tired with those messy hair everyday? You may want to try with a new hair cut for a new look or a new hair color. A new hairstyle can definitely add some youthful looks to us.

Get a massage. This is going to be the most relaxing 30 minutes to an hour of your day. Lucky for me for I have my husband who diligently massage my sore muscles after a long day at work.

Connect with your friends. When was the last time you had some ladies bonding moments? Can’t remember exactly? It’s refreshing to have some time off with your closest friends. I also miss sharing stories and the uncontrollable laughter when I am with them.

Write something. You can start you own blog to write those things that interest you. It’s incredibly addicting when you’ve started it. Blogging makes me happy and helps me forget all those tasks of mine.

Get crafty. I love doing DIY stuff at home. It’s an enjoyable activity enhancing your creativity while taking a break from doing your routine Mom duties. Several tutorial videos are available online if you want to try out something new.

Everyone needs to have a downtime to recharge. We, Wife/Mother/Mommies are not an exception to the rule. Having a break is not mainly because of pleasure-seeking purposes but this is to preserve our health and to restore the positive outlook in our life.

Let’s slow down a bit Mommies.


  1. I love the red robe. You look so stunning in there.

    1. This was during my wedding pictorial. I still kept the red rode as my memorabilia. Thank you for your comment.

  2. As a mom, we should also not forget about our self. Neglecting our own needs is just so selfish. Thanks for inspiring Mommies to still take care of ourselves despite tons of work awaiting for us to complete.

    1. You nailed it. Thanks for expressing your support.

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