Bliss Of Motherhood

Little did we know about the exceptional joy that motherhood can bring to me and my husband until Akyn came into our lives. We were both contended being a family with no kids and only the two of us were sharing our love together. Our mindset was whether we will be blessed to have a child or not conceiving a baby at all was totally fine with me and Mon. Adopting a baby was never an option for the two of us.☺

As a newlywed couple way back then, we used to enjoy traveling together with our friends, shopping for ourselves during pay days and focusing more on house renovation projects. We were happy and satisfied with what we had and enjoyed every routine we did as a couple.

After a few months of being together, we unexpectedly received the greatest gift from heaven last September of 2014, when I had my first pregnancy. I had a detailed story about my experience here. An unfortunate chain of events happened during my first pregnancy and we sadly lost our supposed to be first baby. It felt like darkness descended on me. This was one of the most difficult times in our marriage that had tested both our faith in Him and our faith towards our relationship. The mournful event made us both stronger to continue hoping for the best to happen in our married life.

Three months after my miscarriage, I conceived again with my baby boy. I delivered a healthy baby and I named him AKYN derived from a Filipino word “AKIN” (it means MINE). He’s my Rainbow Baby. Rainbow baby as per definition is a baby born following a miscarriage just like what happened to me. From the moment Akyn was born, he constantly provided us with great joy as his parents. Like a rainbow, he shined brightly giving us a colorful life from a dark misery of the previous experience.


Whenever I am tired and irritated with all the stresses be it at work or at home, all those negative emotions miraculously vanished by simple seeing him smile. His tight hugs, sweet kisses and his cute voice calling me for attention uplift my spirit when I feel miserable. Our misunderstandings with my husband won’t take us long in fixing our indifference, for we have Akyn to inspire us to be a loving parents to him. The happiness we felt for having him is incomparable. This is one of the bliss of being a mother. The happiness that only moms can relate.


Though Motherhood is not an easy job to fulfill. It requires a lot of effort and can even be exhausting at some point but it’s all worth the sacrifice for me. I am proud to be called a MOTHER and will always be thankful of becoming one.







  1. This is a beautiful story. I have experienced two miscarriages but had children after those. He looks to be a happy boy and your family is lucky to have him.

    1. Thanks Rose. Happy to hear you story about the experience same as mine

  2. Motherhood is the most amazing experience in the world. I cannot imagine going through a miscarriage but you are so strong for being so positive and look at your beautiful rainbow baby ❤ Congratulations mama!

    1. Thanks Renee for your kind words. ???

  3. I had a miscarriage before my first, it was hard and something I held onto in worry for a part of my next pregnancy, but two children on and I couldnt imagine my world without my two beautiful kids now ?

    1. I share the same sentiments with you about those worries that I felt during my second pregnancy right after my miscarriage. We’re blessed to have those little children after a traumatic event. ?

  4. So beautiful, firstly lemme compliment that you have such an adorable baby. Yes motherhood is indeed a tough task but it brings so much of happiness within us when we see our baby smiling, laughing, developing and rather doing every activity.

    1. Thanks Jhilmil for your compliment. Kudos to us mothers. ???

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