One Munchkin

I was sitting in my son’s bed while staring at his wall full of blue stars with his name sticker in the middle of the white wall. A minute had passed, then two, three, four minutes more when Akyn finally broke the silence in his room to ask, “What are you doing Mama?” He looked at me then to the wall then back to me like trying to figure out if there’s something interesting with the blank space I’ve been studying about. “I’m thinking about something.”

What something Mama because I need to know?”

Something complicated!” I went down the stairs with all the dirty laundry in my hands ready to be dumped inside the washer. Four days of no laundry is already equivalent to tons of washes to do for a family of three. Duh!

Then tell me Mama. Is it something too long for you to tell me? Start now I’ll listen please!”

If only he’s old enough to understand adult conversations I would gladly sit and tell him everything but no. I continued to look busy sorting out which washer the dark and light clothes should go then my Akyn blurted out a question that made me stop. He’s standing in the middle of our stairs watching my photo gallery of our entire family including my family in the Philippines. I’m glad he dropped the previous conversation and asked me this new random question instead that made me stop of whatever I am doing.

Mama, do you know we got plenty of munchkins in our house?”

What munchkins? I knew I didn’t buy any munckins for his snacks.

He then pointed his index finger to his chest and said, “I am one Munchkin!” Then he pointed another photo frame of him, ” Second Munckin!” Continued pointing all the picture frames with his smiling face until he had a total of six munchkins. His laugh was so contagious I can’t even stop myself from grinning the whole morning thinking about his silly joke. He’s literally my happy pill. I promised to myself to blog this convo with him as a reminder of how blessed I am to be a mum of this amazing little boy.

I can write what that something complicated I am thinking about but I chose not to as there is a perfect avenue to dish out all of those burning hurt building up against someone trying to destroy me. It’s not my personality ever to make up stories just to put people in a bad light because my conscience will never forgive me if I do that. Everyone has their own limit on how much we can take and how much we can forgive others who continuously stepped beyond the limit of our personal boundaries. Being nice is not wrong as they said.”Yes, I’m fine. Yes, that’s ok. Yes, no problem. Yes to everything to the point of losing a little respect you’ve hold on for yourself is not right anymore. It’s really true that humans will call you difficult or indifferent the moment you start to lift up your chin to say, “I’m not happy with that! Stop it! Well, we got no control on how they’ll feel towards us. They don’t matter but ourselves DO.

That’s my boy posing with the caption WHATEVER!

I’ve already said a lot in this post but my real meat is to do a book review of the books I did read a couple of weeks ago. Yes, I am here to do a book review not a personality check of someone. 🤣(LOL)

Anyway, first on the list is entitled November 9 by my fave author Colleen Hoover. This is one of the books I’ve read where the main lady protagonist wasn’t portrayed as near to human perfection image kind of thing. Fallon got scars from the previous fire accident in her Dad’s home that made her resent towards him for so many years. Ben as the love interest is the writer with unsorted issues of his past. The twist in this story is to discover somehow Ben has a connection to Fallon in the past. The book November 9 pertains to the date when they’ll both see each other once a year for five years. Weird how they agreed to this arrangement with no texts, emails or phone calls at all, just meeting once a year then that’s it. I didn’t like the character of Ben and hate it as to why Fallon still accepted him despite knowing the truth. I won’t go into the details on what he did to Fallon both in the past and also during the times when they are already seeing each other. Still a nice to read book but duh I despise the male character.

Second, Love Hypothesis by Ali Hazelwood. If you fell in love with Aaron and Catalina from Spanish Love Deception by Elena Armas, well this is another great find for you to read next. It’s a smart romantic comedy genre of scientists Olive and Adam Carlsen fake relationship as they agreed in the beginning then turned into a real one when they started hanging out more often. It’s funny, it’s a light book to absorb enough to make you smile the entire time I read it. Olive is a third year Ph.D student who wants to prove to Anh her bestfriend that she had moved on to Jeremy, the man she’s dating originally but unfortanely is more interested to her BFF than to her. Pathetic isn’t it? Adam Carlsen is a terror professor who surprisingly agreed to be the fake date of Olive. Adam is one of the male leads that readers will fall in love with from start to finish. Just for the record, Olive isn’t under Adam so it’s not what you think of a direct student and teacher relationship. Olive is a brilliant lady as described in the book which I thought was the main reason why Adam likes her. I highly recommend this book and I’m willing to read it again.

One of Us Is Lying by Karen McManus is a combination of every genre be it drama, romance, mystery and suspence. It will make you wonder what’s going to happen next. The well orchestrated death of Simon shocked me beyond the level of what I expected. I can’t imagine how the human brain can be this creative to twist the truth and let the other suspects suffer part of their teen life. If you are into teen drama, this book is for you. You’ll definitely find it hard to put it down.

I’m starting to read another CoHo’s book and I can’t wait again to share it with you once I’m done reading. 😍 Reading helps me forget some of the unpleasant realities of the present. Therapeutic indeed. Have a lovely sunny morning pretty mommas. 🌞

That’s my Akyn with a caption for this pose, “STOP, WILL YOU?

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