My First Shein Order

Gloomy foggy day it is. We are getting nearer to the coldest season of the year in each passing day. Not an exciting season for me because I don't like coldness. I'm not like Elsa or Ana of the Frozen. LOL😂The weather might be cold but I still hope our hearts would remain the warmth needed to console each other's gloominess at times. 😍 This is one of the reasons why I super love my blog and my FB blog page as it's my venue to share my cordial personality to inspire others. Not letting anyone else dull our sparkles... Read More

My Craftsman

Finally it's weekends. I guess many have been waiting for the end of the week to come getting a break from the work stress. I love weekends, too because it's our time to relax with my boys. No school, no online work for Mon which would mean we can shop together without worrying of any schedule to abide. ❤️ I'd prefer to hang out with my family most of the time making our bond stronger. If I say no to social invite that would mean I want to have my family time more than anything else.( wink) What's up for... Read More

We Order He Pays

Since last month we were already planning to have a small gathering for Akyn’s third birthday this December. We’ve decided to celebrate my college friends mini Christmas reunion and my son’s birthday in one party. It’s just going to be a small party not a lavish one with my close friends and my family. Yey! I am more excited than the celebrant getting the suppliers for the party contacted ahead of time. Part of the preparation are the loot bags and the toys for the kids. Should I create another DIY loot container again or should I make use of the... Read More

Gift Giving Ideas for Our Fathers

This post is sponsored by Gifts Less Ordinary but the content and opinion expressed here are my own. It’s one of the most challenging task I consider in looking for a perfect present for my husband, for my father or any male friends of mine. Unlike for ladies, where I can completely relate to those stuff which women would want to receive as a gift. There was one time, when it took me several hours searching for the best gift for one of my male friends during our work related gift giving activity. It was a waste of both my time... Read More