Gift Giving Ideas for Our Fathers

This post is sponsored by Gifts Less Ordinary but the content and opinion expressed here are my own.

It’s one of the most challenging task I consider in looking for a perfect present for my husband, for my father or any male friends of mine. Unlike for ladies, where I can completely relate to those stuff which women would want to receive as a gift.

There was one time, when it took me several hours searching for the best gift for one of my male friends during our work related gift giving activity. It was a waste of both my time and energy of me strolling inside the mall looking for something I’m not certain on what to give. Lesson learned: Plan your shopping adventure ahead of time and make a list. Gosh, the struggle is real Mommas!☺

As we all know, Father’s Day is just around the corner. That means I’ll be experiencing my dilemma in gift searching again. Have you already thought of a possible gift for your hardworking super Dads?

Gladly, I found the answer to my worries. I came across with one of the Online gift shop, Gift Less Ordinary”. It’s really like a one-stop gift store covering several occasions like Mother’s Day, Birthdays, Anniversary or Wedding and of course, Father’s Day celebration.

As a busy Mom and a homemaker, I’m always in a rush to complete my everyday task. Shopping online saves me a lot of time and provides me several options to choose from with just one click of my finger. No need to strain my leg muscles in walking around.

For those Mommies who share the same struggles with me in finding for an awesome presents for Father’s Day, Gift Less Ordinary is here to save us. They offer various personalized items we can choose from which are perfectly suited for the occasion.

I have some gift suggestions for Father’s Day from Gift Less Ordinary. (Photo Credits to  Gift Less Ordinary)website here.

♥-Personalized Adventure Travel Cup-It comes in three different colors, charcoal, mint green or rose gold plus we have an option to have it personalized with a name. Amazing!


♥Personalized Gent’s Watch stand(four watches)–Nice way to store and also, display their treasured watch collections.


♥Best Daddy Ever Personalized socks A practical gift for Fathers since sock is part of their everyday use. I find it so cute where you can add your heartfelt messages for them.


♥ Personalized Men’s Leather Zip Wash Bag-it comes in Tan and Dark Brown shade. I love its posh looking design and again, you can add your personal touch for your gift by adding text into it.


♥ Super Dad And Me Twinning T shirts can also be purchased singularly for Dad or as a set for Dad and Child.  As per Gift Ordinary Less, this gift symbolizes as to how much we appreciate an amazing Dad letting them know their efforts are being recognized.



These are just a few of my choices for Father’s Day gift ideas. You can find more options when you’ll try to navigate their website here.

Daddy, Papa, Father whatever we call them, they also deserve to receive a treat. Let’s make them feel valued by surprising them on their special day. We can plan ahead of time as early now.☺

Happy Shopping.




  1. Oh Wow! quite amazed on how they allow customer’s to have the gifts customized.. This post is just in time for the next awaited celebration for our Human Superheroes “Daddy”. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thanks for visiting. They got several amazing gift ideas perfect for your Father’s Day Celebration. Enjoy shopping.♥

  2. Love the photos. Glad to have seen this post for June’s Father’s Day Celebration. Helpful indeed.

    1. Hi Jenny! I’m happy to have helped what you’re looking for. Hope you can find the special gift for Father’s Day. Have a great Day.

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