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Since last month we were already planning to have a small gathering for Akyn’s third birthday this December. We’ve decided to celebrate my college friends mini Christmas reunion and my son’s birthday in one party. It’s just going to be a small party not a lavish one with my close friends and my family. Yey! I am more excited than the celebrant getting the suppliers for the party contacted ahead of time.

Part of the preparation are the loot bags and the toys for the kids. Should I create another DIY loot container again or should I make use of the available colorful party bags sold in the market ?

I tried checking online if I can see anything that can suit my taste. If I can’t find any then will do the DIY thing again. While browsing through my phone application, I got hooked in using one of the mobile applications for easier way of shopping online. When you’re a busy working mother, having an extra time to do shopping at the physical store should at least be planned ahead of time to avoid getting other schedules compromised. Do you agree with me pretty moms? I guess you do.☺

It became an instant bonding time for us while choosing the items online for his loot container. I like how my boy was so proactive in choosing the design especially the color. He likes the shade of blue and most of the toys he wanted were colored blue. I can’t say no to him because it’s for his birthday anyway. These were the chosen loot bag design and some of the first few contents of it. ALL bags were colored blue as requested. I’ll save your time for searching where I bought them. It’s through Shopee.ph. You’re welcome.♥


I managed to convince him to add some other stuff in different shades to make it more colorful. We had these little pail set, notebooks and the cute pencil set to add to our loot contents. Candies and food goodies can be added later to complete it.


What I love most in doing online shopping with Akyn is the fact that it won’t be us who will pay for our shopping loot. Rather, it’s going to be his Dad whose office address was the one registered in our Shopee account. There is an option to request for COD (cash on delivery) payment. So, whoever receives it will be the one in charge to pay for the full amount.

My Love, I know it’s only Akyn and I who’s enjoying filling our shopping carts online, however, I greatly believe you should be happy too because you are making a one happy wife and an excited little toddler here. (happy dance☺). We love you remember that and just please continue to pay receive our orders.


  1. Are you going to have a Toy Story themed party? That was my son’s birthday theme too. Your loot bag is so nice and the contents will surely make your little party goers happy. Advance happy birthday to Akyn.

    1. Thank you so much. Woody is my son’s favorite character in the movie. Glad you like our choice for our loot bag.☺

  2. That is a great party theme. Your son will have so much fun. Great photos.

    1. Thanks Anna.☺

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