When She Prays

During my childhood years, I used to pray the memorized type of prayers, ”Angel of God”, thinking it was the only prayer designed for children to communicate with Him. As I advanced my age, I soon realized what I’ve been practicing wasn’t accurate. Prayers can be in any form. We can all create our own spontaneous prayers without following any script as long as it’s sincerely made. Thanks to my Catholic Catechist for correcting it and teaching me more about what an effective prayer should be. God is so lenient when it comes to allowing us to connect with Him.... Read More

Friday The Thirteenth

It is thought to be an unlucky day if the 13th day of the month falls on a Friday. It’s one of the silly superstitious belief  which many are still affected with fear for this day. I would be very honest I was also part of those who feels agitated on Friday the 13th. I couldn’t provide any exact rationale about my fear of the unknown, maybe because a lot of people think it’s a cursed day, so, I also automatically assumed it holds true to everyone. Today, the second Friday the 13th of 2017, is the scheduled releasing day... Read More

It’s A Girl Thing ( Monthly Mood Swings )

In the past few days, I experienced a roller coaster of emotions from experiencing crying spells to angry outburst and I felt like I was a walking bomb that I could explode my rage anytime. I was overly sensitive and even the simplest matter that happened last week irritated me. I couldn’t explain as to why I was feeling such anger-disabling emotions. I would say it was disabling and unhealthy sentiment, for it did not only affected me emotionally but physically too. I had a terrible headache and I could feel my pounding heartbeat while I was at the peak of my exasperation. It... Read More