Friday The Thirteenth

It is thought to be an unlucky day if the 13th day of the month falls on a Friday. It’s one of the silly superstitious belief  which many are still affected with fear for this day. I would be very honest I was also part of those who feels agitated on Friday the 13th. I couldn’t provide any exact rationale about my fear of the unknown, maybe because a lot of people think it’s a cursed day, so, I also automatically assumed it holds true to everyone.

Today, the second Friday the 13th of 2017, is the scheduled releasing day of my exam results. I took the terrifying exam (as I may describe it) last September 30 and it would take 13 calendar days for the results to get published. With all the dates available in one calendar year for me to know my scores, it coincidentally fell on the day I felt so terrified, “Friday the 13th”.

I asked help from my friends for prayers. That’s the strongest weapon I could use to combat my troubled emotions for two weeks of waiting for my exam scores. My emotions were a mixture of fear of failing the exam, excitement of finally finishing this stage of anxiety, and anger for doubting my capabilities of passing the test. I calmed myself thru prayers and diverting my attention to my family, instead of dwelling too much to what the future beholds.

We were told during the test proper after finishing the last category, that at exactly 9 AM local time after 13 days from the exam date, a text notification would be sent to inform us about our specific band score.

Today, just before my first break from work, I excitedly went to my locker to check my phone. I was so thrilled and nervous seeing my phone with three unread messages .When I opened it, to my dismay, it was my prepaid network provider who texted me about my prepaid load which was about to expire. Bummer! I went back to the production floor and opted to wait until my scheduled first break before I’ll check my phone again.

I kept myself busy trying to forget what I was waiting for. I checked my phone again during my first break, but this time I wasn’t expecting a text from my test center anymore. I was thinking it maybe released at 2 PM local time as indicated on their website.

Have you tried such experience, when you’re no longer excited or expecting it, it’s when it will surprisingly arrive? Yes, my test center finally sent my results. I was scared to open my messages and at the same time eager to know if I did make it. Should I read it or not? I have no choice but to face the reality.

Guess what?

I MADE it in all areas of the examination and passed the required rating. I was crying and overwhelmed with happiness. I spent almost five months reviewing and studying the knowledge required for the exam. My experience was never an easy path. I felt relieved passing one of the most challenging test.

I’m so much thankful for those who prayed for me and to my review center “FEHAN UTEST REVIEW”. Most especially to God, for guiding me throughout the entire course.

Thanks to my Friday the 13th , my lucky day as opposed to what others believed about the cursed day.

Stop trusting superstitious belief, instead be inspired to excel when others think you are doomed.

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  1. yeaaayyy!! Super congrats! We are extremely happy for You.

    1. Thank you Mafi and UTEST Family for all your help.

  2. We are so happy for your success. You never failed to amaze us. We, your family will always be here to support your future endeavors in life. God Bless your beautiful heart.

    1. Thank you for all your prayers and support. I am blessed to have a family who is always there to back me up in every adventure that I will take.

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