When She Prays

During my childhood years, I used to pray the memorized type of prayers, ”Angel of God”, thinking it was the only prayer designed for children to communicate with Him. As I advanced my age, I soon realized what I’ve been practicing wasn’t accurate. Prayers can be in any form. We can all create our own spontaneous prayers without following any script as long as it’s sincerely made. Thanks to my Catholic Catechist for correcting it and teaching me more about what an effective prayer should be.

God is so lenient when it comes to allowing us to connect with Him. He gave us the privilege to choose our own way of saying our devotion towards Him. He doesn’t have any set standard greetings to start our conversation. No specific place and time required when to talk with Him. No social status discrimination on who are allowed to pray. We are all FREE to say a little prayer. How lucky are we to have such relationship with the Lord!

Prayer for me is my strongest weapon to save me for anything. When I am scared and I can’t calm myself using the methods that humans had discovered about controlling our minds in reacting to our fears, I pray. When I am overjoyed with blessings and doors are starting to open for new opportunities, I pray. When I am in rage and all the obnoxious words are starting to come out from my sinful tongue, I pray. When I am in sorrow and no emotional encouragement intervention seems to improve my mood, I pray. I am at peace when I am communicating with Him, my Blessed Saviour.

My prayers are unpremeditated. I express everything that I want Him to know based on every situation I am facing. Today, I would like to share to you one of the beautiful prayers I’ve read, created by my sister during their Teacher’s seminar. It’s a poem structured prayer and the words were all directly connected to their event.


 Dear Lord

We are here again to give you our adoration

From giving us a wonderful location

That helps us to have a strong foundation

In order to have a better education

Lord thank you for the sessions that are loud and clear

Thank you for always maintaining a happy atmosphere

Thank you for the supervisors that conducted the training in crystal clear

And let us bring this experience in memorable souvenir

Lord as we go back ,please help us to realize

That no child  will be penalized

Instead help us to supervise

Their level of learning so that they can truly socialize

Lord please help us to remember that it is not too late to give proper attention

To the learners who need most remediation

For us to give the correct intervention

In order to develop a 21st century literate generation


A very heartfelt prayer she made. I am quite impressed on how fast she can formulate her own prayer for the said event incorporating the recent learning during the seminar. Everyone has their own style of giving praise to Him. We can say our prayers in our own unique way. What’s important is how genuine our intentions are and how pure our heart is in confessing everything to Him.

Have a blessed day everyone.




  1. Thank you Ate for sharing my personalized prayer in your blog site. I am overjoyed for the space you provided in sharing my piece. More power to your blog site.

    1. Thank you as well for supporting my blog.

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