My Humor Veteran At Home

Whenever I feel so exhausted with the unexplainable gloomy mood, my child will always come to rescue me. He is my natural clown at home. Not much of an effort needed to make me smile by simply staring at him. His innocence to things brought us so much pleasure. He can’t completely utter a full sentence yet to convey his message, but by just simply observing his non verbal cues is more than enough to understand what he actually means. There were instances when he tried making his own vocabulary to things like for example, he calls the stairs as... Read More

My Endless Lists of Akyn’s Antics

I have a special talent I want to share with you. It’s a talent most mothers are capable of doing. Are you interested to know about my hidden expertise? I have the capability of going out of the building where I work in less than 5 minutes after my scheduled log out time from my shift. How awesome is that? I come to the office on time and I also go out of the office on the dot. I am always itching to go home to spend time with my baby. Who wouldn’t have that restless desire to head home... Read More

A Grateful Heart

“Guys system is down.” I am on a state of complete happiness whenever I could hear my manager blasting this news to us. This would mean I could rest my voice while my mind and my fingers are working typing this blog entry. I am thankful that once in a blue moon, this rare scenario happens at work giving me an ample time to relax a bit. This is one of the simplest things that deserves my gratitude. Exercising gratitude was not my thing when I was younger. When I received something from someone like a gift or a favor, I... Read More

Weekend Special

I just had an amazing weekend well spent with my family. My Papa and my Sister visited us at home. It’s seldom that all of us can be together due to our work schedules and the travel time that it will take from my parent’s house to our own house. It takes about 2 to 3 hours of travel and it’s difficult for us to travel with Akyn on board. A month ago when we were traveling by bus, Akyn had been screaming without pause crying hysterically throwing an extreme tantrums. He hates being  stuck in a place where there... Read More