My Endless Lists of Akyn’s Antics

I have a special talent I want to share with you. It’s a talent most mothers are capable of doing. Are you interested to know about my hidden expertise?

I have the capability of going out of the building where I work in less than 5 minutes after my scheduled log out time from my shift. How awesome is that?

I come to the office on time and I also go out of the office on the dot. I am always itching to go home to spend time with my baby. Who wouldn’t have that restless desire to head home when an active toddler is waiting for you?

Akyn has his daily antics that make me go crazy sometimes but I love the feeling of exhaustion playing with him. I listed them before I will forget. I hope I can maintain this blog until the day will come when Akyn can finally read to read this entry. Here are some of his antics for your amusement.

  1. I was faking a snore last night to make him believe I was asleep and I wanted him to sleep too but I heard him mimicking a fake snore instead while staring at me.
  2. He hides himself at the back of our living room curtain and will slowly show himself smiling.
  3. He pushes the sofas, sofa bed and the crib creating a chaotic living room.
  4. I used his crib to block his way in going to the kitchen but he can manage to cross to the other side by crawling under the crib. What a smart little fellow!
  5. When he sees me turning on the computer, he’ll ask me to carry him. After a few minutes his little hands will start pressing all the keys on the keyboard and will even maneuver the mouse.
  6. He raises his hand whenever he hears random music. His Dad taught him of such dance move which became Akyn’s automatic response to music.
  7. If he sees you preparing his milk formula, he won’t finish the left over milk bottle but will wait until you’re done preparing the second bottle.
  8. He finds it difficult to sleep without his old faded blue hotdog pillow.
  9. When you give him cookies wrapped in a disposable plastic, he will acccept it and will then return it back to you for you to open it.
  10. He sings the Alphabet song with only two letters “A and B”. He sings like this ABBBBBBBBBBBB until the song will end.
  11. He has his own lyrics for “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star”. Akyn’s own version goes like this ABBBBBBB (following the tune of the alphabet song).
  12. He jumps without lifting the soles of his feet from the floor but will rather move his bum up and down.
  13. He uses the word “MEME” to communicate to us when he wants to sleep or he is hungry.
  14. He loves to touch his forehead to my father’s forehead.
  15. He climbs the stairs up and down for an x number of times without getting tired of doing it.(my knees ache following him☺)

My list is endless as Akyn moves up to a different level of his development. I am as always excited to experience his ingenious naughtiness.



  1. So wonderful that you are capturing these memories! My 2 yr old does the fake snoring thing,too. He does it when he’s in a playful mood and you try to put him in bed. He starts “snoring”, then does the one-eyed peek to see if you’re watching. We pretend like we don’t see it,of course, so we can catch his evil grin – he’s thinking ha! tricked them. I’ll play as soon as they leave the room. Isn’t it amazing that they have such strong personality traits so young?

    1. Thank you for reading @Tinawilsonnadler. Yes, I definitely agree with you, they are such an amazing little innocent darlings. Their strong personalities make them so adorable. ♥♥

  2. Aww this post is so cute with all the memories you have with your son. Adorable! That’s awesome that he is imitating you… And despite being a working mom, you find time to spend precious moments with your son!

    1. Thank you for reading@theterrificfive. He is my source of strength and happiness.♥♥♥

  3. This is adorable! It is so much fun to watch our kiddos and the silly things they do. They grow and change so fast. This is a great reminder to enjoy all the little things.

    1. Yes Tiffany, that’s true time flies so fast, that’s why I am enjoying every bit of his cute naughtiness now. Thanks for reading.

  4. Too cute! He’s going to love reading all his “antic” when he gets older. Smart kid waiting for his fresh bottle of milk instead of drinking his current bottle.

    1. Thank you for reading Ledyliz. =♥♥♥

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