Weekend Special

I just had an amazing weekend well spent with my family. My Papa and my Sister visited us at home. It’s seldom that all of us can be together due to our work schedules and the travel time that it will take from my parent’s house to our own house. It takes about 2 to 3 hours of travel and it’s difficult for us to travel with Akyn on board.

A month ago when we were traveling by bus, Akyn had been screaming without pause crying hysterically throwing an extreme tantrums. He hates being  stuck in a place where there is no room for an apple to fall and doesn’t want to stay in place for an extended period of time. It’s a challenge for me to find something to distract his attention while traveling. That’s why I would prefer to either stay at home or visit a nearby place that doesn’t require much time to travel.

We spent our whole Saturday together at home. I always devote my time to prepare something to eat whenever we are complete. My Papa loves to eat soup dishes, I did prepare Sotanghon Soup for him. I’m glad that he loves it. I also cooked steamed crabs for my Mama and my Sister. It’s one of their favorite seafood. I cooked Creamy Carbonara for our snacks.

Sotanghon Soup
Steamed Crabs
Creamy Carbonara
Creamy Carbonara

The center of our attention is no other than Akyn. When Akyn saw Papa, he immediately gave him a broad smile but when he saw his Aunt (my sister), it was an opposite reaction that he displayed. He didn’t want to get closer to Me An. Every time Me An would approach him, he would hide himself from Mama’s back and would start to cry. My sister was about to give up in chasing him but then she thought of a brilliant idea. She lured Akyn’s attention by showing him cookies. Akyn slowly moved closer to her paying attention to the cookies on her Aunt’s hand. When Me An fed him, he clapped his hands and they instantly became friends.

If you want to make friends with this cute baby boy, make sure to have enough food to entice him.


We watched a kids oriented show at night. There was this one contestant who danced and mimicked a Filipino Singer Bayani Agbayani. We were so engrossed with what we were watching which was a dance number entitled, “Ocho-Ocho” while Akyn roamed around the living room.

After the show ended, I called Akyn to let him finish his bottle of milk. I was surprised when he placed his hands on his knees bending his back forward then slowly moving his knees up and down. He didn’t know how to move his back yet just like the steps in Ocho-Ocho song. I didn’t know that he was also paying attention to the dance steps while walking around the house. Quite impressed laughing and watching him like an old drunk little man dancing. Our night is complete. I want to have more family moments like this.


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