Shopping in Hull

Hello pretty mums. I've finished my duty at three in the afternoon which would mean I got enough time to update akynfullhouse. Yey, finally I can relax my tired body. That's quite a blessing to us working moms to have our ME time, isn't it? Let's talk about something we all ladies love to do. What do you think would be our discussion for today? I want to share you about my first shopping experience here in Hull. Pretty exciting topic, I know. One benefit of working in places away from the city centre of England is the fact that... Read More

Buko Pandan Salad Recipe

Mama celebrated her birthday yesterday and I was the one in charge in the kitchen for the preparation of food. Can you believe that? Miraculously, I survived the challenge of being a chef just for my mother's special day. I'll share to you my first time experience in making a Buko Pandan Salad. A celebration won’t be complete without the presence of the sweetness of a dessert. It's a bit exciting experimenting my power in coming up with the dessert using my own instinct in adjusting its ingredients depending on the number of servings I want to make. Ingredients good for 10-12... Read More

About Last Week

I had an exhilarating series of events last week when I was about to undergo something  I am both excited and scared to face. Excited to finally reach the point where I am almost reaching the success I have been waiting for, and at the same scared about the possibility of failing my own expectations for myself. When your emotions are too overwhelming, it will really manifest physically. A week prior to the said date, I could feel my hands were cold and sweating, I felt too emotional and I could burst into tears anytime especially when I am alone. I was... Read More