About Last Week

I had an exhilarating series of events last week when I was about to undergo something  I am both excited and scared to face. Excited to finally reach the point where I am almost reaching the success I have been waiting for, and at the same scared about the possibility of failing my own expectations for myself.

When your emotions are too overwhelming, it will really manifest physically. A week prior to the said date, I could feel my hands were cold and sweating, I felt too emotional and I could burst into tears anytime especially when I am alone. I was too cranky and I easily get annoyed with everything. I guess, I was just too worried about it.

I sought help from one of my friends and requested her to include me on their prayers with their church group. Her advice to me was short and direct. I should not worry nor be afraid, for God will be with me during my journey. She let me memorize this verse :

Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the LORD your God will be with you wherever you go …. Now the LORD said to Joshua, “Do not fear or be dismayed.

Joshua 1:9

Talking to someone who has great faith in Him and saying a sincere prayer when you are emotionally disturbed were absolutely helpful. It felt like a bag of stones was taken off from my load. It was a relief of discomfort as I may describe it.

After the nerve-wracking event, my body automatically craved for something to make myself as well as my tummy happy. I wanted to eat sweets. Look what I found while strolling inside the Ayala Mall, Briquito Silvanas.


The store clerk as you can see in this picture was very accommodating and gracious enough to give his all out smile. I tried their half dozen assorted Silvanas for only Php190.00.



I apologize for the disarranged Silvanas’ photo because of too much excitement to eat it, I hurriedly took this shot. This cashew meringue mini cake on a popsicle stick is so worth it for its price. My toddler loved it too. It helped me relax my stressed body and mind. I’m craving to try their other flavors soon.

For now, I got 2 weeks to wait for the outcome of the challenging experience I attended. Wish me luck for a positive results.☺

What about you? What do you normally do to overcome your fear when expecting to face a terrifying adventure?



  1. I so love these delicious treats. Yum yum . Thanks Ate for sharing. I’m craving for more of this please.

    1. I’ll make one for Christmas. Kinda excited?

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