The Terrible Two

Have you heard about a parenting phenomenon they coined as the Terrible Two stage? I’ve read about some articles about it and found out that it was an old myth which wasn’t supported with any established evidence. Every child is unique and they exhibit different developmental milestones based on their unique timetable. Extreme tantrums as associated with the age 2 can also be displayed in different age group. With my child, I’ve noticed a new development with Akyn recently. My fully mobile 22 months old toddler is now exhibiting tantrums when his curiosity to everything is being restricted. He wants... Read More

My Humor Veteran At Home

Whenever I feel so exhausted with the unexplainable gloomy mood, my child will always come to rescue me. He is my natural clown at home. Not much of an effort needed to make me smile by simply staring at him. His innocence to things brought us so much pleasure. He can’t completely utter a full sentence yet to convey his message, but by just simply observing his non verbal cues is more than enough to understand what he actually means. There were instances when he tried making his own vocabulary to things like for example, he calls the stairs as... Read More

Fascinated With Toys

When I was little every time my parents would ask me on what gift I want to get from them, I always wanted them to purchase me a toy. At my age now, I still have that unexplainable fascination to collect toys and Toy shop is one of my favorite place to relieve stress. I love shopping for stuff toys, collectible cartoon figures, and stickers. They are just so irresistibly adorable. When my toddler came into my life, I had enough and more valid reasons then to continue my addiction to toys for I have someone to play with them finally. Wohoo! Just recently,... Read More