Fascinated With Toys

When I was little every time my parents would ask me on what gift I want to get from them, I always wanted them to purchase me a toy. At my age now, I still have that unexplainable fascination to collect toys and Toy shop is one of my favorite place to relieve stress. I love shopping for stuff toys, collectible cartoon figures, and stickers. They are just so irresistibly adorable.

When my toddler came into my life, I had enough and more valid reasons then to continue my addiction to toys for I have someone to play with them finally. Wohoo!

Just recently, I bought toys from our local fast food chains. Their kiddie meals include a collectible cartoon characters that will surely catch the attention of their little customers.

This is Master Po Ping, the main protagonist of Kung Fu Panda Movie. Akyn’s immediate response upon seeing Po was, “Meow, Meow.” He really thought this furry black and white chubby panda is a cat. Well, he kinda resemble the cuteness of a cat though and an awesomeness of a panda. Do you remember his famous line in the film? “There is no charge for awesomeness or attractiveness.” He is indeed oozing with confidence.


Let me introduce you to Master Shifu, the highly trained Kung Fu master of Kung Fu warriors including Po as my favorite student of him. That crystal ball he is holding is his magic weapon will turn into color red once it will be released from his hands.


Me: Akyn this is Master Shifu. You can call him Shifu.
Akyn: Tifu Tifu Tifu

My 18th month toddler is still having difficulty enunciating the letter S and R. He also calls the RAINBOW as PAYBOOW. It’s amazing how I can understand his out of this world vocabulary. That’s how powerful a mom’s connection to her baby is.


I got this Minion from a different fast food restaurant. Akyn calls this toy as Banana or Bababa ( derived from the Minion Song). The word Minion is too complicated for his developing range of vocabulary.


What about you? What are those things that you love to collect?




  1. I can’t help but buy ALL the children’s books. My kids love to read and I love to build their library! My husband just noticed we need more shelves for them all!

    1. That’s a nice collection too. Very educational at the same time, it’s a great way to bond with our kids in reading stories with them

  2. So cute! I totally agree about understanding your child’s vocabulary. I spend a lot of time translating my daughter’s words for others!

    1. Thanks for reading. Wonders of Mom and daughters love.

  3. I understand this phase. And I feel so good when I am the only one who will understand what he needs. Loved the pictures.

    1. Thanks for dropping by Jiya

  4. With my twins now 2.5, even i get super excited to buy toys and kiddie stuff!! And yes books for my kids!

    1. Thank you for reading. Same feeling as mine .❤

  5. I love to collect books… my faves are anything but Tolkien …

    1. Thanks for reading. Nice collection of yours.

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