Term Break in York

When it’s term break, Akyn often requests to go somewhere away from home. It must be boring to spend the whole week with the same routine everyday for him wanting to get a trip even for just a day. This Momma was off at least a day on a weekend so might as well grab it. Spontaneous travel escapade happened again. I wanted to visit Leeds initially for us to visit Miniso and buy some new toys for the both of us (LOL)😂 but then I changed it to York so Akyn can explore the historical city. Mon works in York which makes it easier to navigate the city centre where he normally travel to work.

An obligatory selfie whilst still fresh looking prior to the travel. This look won’t last long and I can guarantee that with Akyn running around later.😂😂

We travelled a different route not using the motorway. Way better seeing different views from the typical one. Took us an hour drive blessing us with the lovely weather. Here comes the arrival shots. We parked near the York Museum Gardens. Very near and accessible to our target strolling locations although the parking rates were a bit pricey. Comfort equates to cost.😯

Blazer and Dress both Thrifted. Shoes from Fila, Bag from Harrods.

The garden was literally so packed with both tourists and locals wanting to enjoy Mr Sunshine. It was too different from the last time we visited here during winter where you can only see few people around.

What a picturesque view with the ruins of St. Mary’s Abbey.

Akyn requested to bring Mr. Monkey during the trip including him in their photoshoot. 😂

Went inside the Yorkshire Museum for the first time. The last time we visited York the museum was closed from the public. Glad it was open during our trip with an entrance fee required.

Hello to the photo Akyn with Daddie vs Akyn with Mama.😍

It was about lunch time when we went out of the museum with tummy looking for food to eat. A nearby Thai restaurant called Zaap Thai Street Food York caught our eyes and we were so happy we tried it. Food we ordered were absolutely delicious, huge servings plus the price was just right. I’m coming here every time we will visit York. I also love their staff, very friendly and warm to people.😁

This one tasted like our Adodo recipe back home.

Akyn’s fave Lumpia.

My boy loves his fried rice and egg finishing everything served. Happy Momma here to see him eating well.🥰

Took some photos from the outside beauty of York Minster. Maybe next time we’ll come in to see their preserved stained glass.

Headed straight to the shops where we found the always Christmas Shop called Käthe Wohlfahrt. Jaw dropping Christmas accessories they got there. We found two gems ready for December. It’s never too early for our December baby.

Akyn’s choice with his fave music notes on it.

Mine is the family of three snow globe. It can light up, too.

My never ending stationery stuff likes.

Bobba Tea before heading home.

On our way to the car we found another path to get a better view of the River Ouse.

It was short but well spent day together. Can’t be more happier for each travel experience. More to come😘.

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