The Art of Throwback

Let’s do the art of throwback for a beautiful Thursday morning. I was sorting out printed pictures today of Baby Akyn’s first birthday photo album when I found my nostalgia-inducing pictures showcasing a different era of my life. A sassy looking high school teenager who was jovial and enthusiastic in discovering the deeper meaning of life.

This is a picture of me dancing to the beat of the music of Britney Spears entitled, “Anticipating.” I am still a great fan of Britney Spears up until now. My Classmates and I tried to copy Britney’s costume during her Dream within a Dream Tour Concert where she was wearing a patched denim skirt. This is our own version of the denim skirt matched with a girly sun visor cap. Typical teenager’s outfit, isn’t it?

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The young me


When you were in high school, do you have that hilarious experience that you couldn’t forget and every time you would remember it, you still couldn’t stop giggling?

Let me share you my gut-buster experience.

We were seated according to the alphabetical order of our last names in our seating arrangement in the classroom. During Examinations, I would allow my seatmate to glance once in a while to my answer sheet if she couldn’t answer some of the test questions provided. I was fairly generous to my seatmate to whom I considered as a friend.(Sharing is loving) After the exam, we submitted our papers as if nothing had happened.

The following morning when our papers were returned, I saw my seatmate seriously worried looking on her paper. I asked her if there was anything wrong with my answers yesterday or if we had failed the passing score. She said that it wasn’t about the score or the answers that she was worried. She gave me her answer sheet for me to check. The answers were fine and I saw some of her answers that she rephrased to make it looked different from my original answers. She even left one item blank to make sure that our scores wouldn’t be the same. When I looked at the final score on the upper right part of her paper, she passed and she only got one mistake (the item that she left blank). But when I read her name, I was dumbfounded seeing her first name followed by my LAST NAME . Yikes! She unintentionally wrote my last name instead of her last name. Our teacher drew a red circle on her name on her answer sheet.

Instead of sympathizing her feelings of anxiety of getting caught for copying my answers, I wasn’t able to control my laughter. My face crinkled in laughter and my stomach was hurting for laughing too much. Until now the memory still gives me the same effect whenever I remember it. Good thing our attention weren’t called by our teacher for CHEATING during exams. I got more treasured memories in highschool but this one outshines all the other bloopers that I had experienced. Surely, you got your own experiences too that seems unforgettable no matter how many decades had passed

My old photos reminded me of both happy and awful experiences while scanning through them. Nonetheless, I am still thankful for being able to taste the bittersweet reality of life.

The memories of my PAST gave me the courage to face my PRESENT. Life is like a one way travel that you can’t request to reverse the time that had passed, so better make the most of what life offers you now.

Lovely Thursday everyone ☺


  1. It’s good to reflect on the past- makes you who you are today!

    1. Thanks for reading@ForeverYoungMoms♥♥♥

  2. Throw backs are hilarious! Thanks for sharing.

    1. Welcome. Thanks for reading ?

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