The Deep

A weekend off for me means an instant family activity for the three of us. May it planned or spontaneous one, there isn’t a boring day to spend when everyone is in the house. I’d like to take advantage of Akyn’s summer off from school to let him freely explore places we’ve never been to or do activities we’ll really have fun doing together.

Last weekend we went to the Deep in hull. Please click here to view more about the place. We’ve been here in Hull for more than there years but it was only this year that we’ve finally set our foot to an amazing spectacular aquariums in the world. It’s always, “We’ll go there next week.” then to,”Maybe not this week but the week after.”Procastination at its finest.LOL🤣

One thing I loved about this trip was that our tickets are valid for a year free visit. All we have to do is prebook the dates we wanted to come again.

The cutest happy feet penguins. We were all waiting for one of them to show off their swimming skills but nah. They never did. LOL😏I’m curious if they were also wondering what these humans were looking at.

He said to me at the end of the trip that it was one of the best day ever again. I’m happy when my six year old will express how he feels everytime. Gosh, this makes me emotional writing this bit. I love it when he’s not hesitant to kiss or hug me even when we are outside of the house. I pray Akyn won’t get tired of saying, “I love you Mama. Can we have a day out together again!” Until the day I’ll get old with winter-white hair and my face is timeworn, wrinkled, I will still be loving to spend a day with you anytime you want baby.

We bought few souvenirs to take home with us.

Akyn added few floating fishes for his bedside water aquarium fish tank night light while I got an additional fridge magnet and also few bits of stationeries.

Went home for few hours then headed to Newland Avenue to find somewhere to eat. We tried an Italian restaurant for the first time, the Uno’s Trattoria Pizzeria. The food was great especially their pasta is something I super like. Their staff were so nice,too.

My top pick, pasta carbonara.

Mon liked his vegan pasta.e He said it was delish.

The next day, we spent it doing a family biking activity. Too many fun family activities to do during summer,isn’t it?

Anyway, hello to my own version of my cute Batman and Superman from Hull.😂 My forever companion for everything.

I wish the weather would stay like it is always summer, cheerful and bright, full of hope for better days to everyone. Well, for the meantime I’m bracing myself for Autumn. The colder season is coming guys.

Cloudy morning Pretty Mommas.😘😘😘


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