The Vellago Resort

We met with Akyn’s Ninong (godfather), Ruel and his family last week to talk about some adulting stuff. Surprised to see Nathan was there to join the night with. If we brought our Akyn with us, we’re certain he would be more than excited to see his Kuya Nathan again. They’ve met during special gatherings not just once but in several occasions. When I asked Akyn if he still remembers Nathan his immediate response was, ”Hmmp Ligo2x (beach trip).”

My baby enjoyed their last swimming outing funded by Mon’s employer for their family day. It became our instant topic for the night about suggesting the best resort to stay that exclusively caters only for adult couples wanting to have some privacy of being together. I’m happy to know that one of the Philippines’ incredible resort in Palawan is owned by Ruel’s Aunt, The Vellago Resort. The photos were just so amazing making my feet itching to visit the place. If you’ll read the online reviews, you will clearly see the positive feedback of their previous customers. It only goes to show the beauty of the resort is not just good in their photos but in reality plus the excellent customer service.

Ruel’s aunt shared to us how much they value in providing the best treatment to their resort goers. As mentioned by her, the business can’t continue without their loyal customers and I totally agree with that. I appreciate businesses who don’t take their customer’s satisfaction for granted. Word of mouth with the nice reviews can spread fast enough to entice more visitors to come to the resort. Wouldn’t you agree with it?

I’ll share to you some of their jaw dropping photos. You’ll fall in love with The Vellago in one glance. I got these stunning pictures from Ruel. This place is still part of our to go list.☺ Hopefully once our schedules will allow, we may be able to experience the hidden beauty of the resort.

Let’s get acquainted with their rooms. This is the Beach Villa, their most exclusive room. The room interior was surely intricately studied before this came into a reality, from the pieces of the furniture they used, up to how each of the decorations best complement the set-up. This is paradise!

room beach villa 1

The bathroom speaks for elegance. I like how they are using neutral colors giving it a classic look. The white painted wall harmonized with the brown floor is just totally beach villa 4

My favorite part, the bath tub. Every woman’s dream to relax here after a tired day by submerging yourself inside the tub and letting your skin feel the heat of the water, as it relaxes your tired muscles while finishing a glass of wine. Goodness gracious! My imagination is going wild. You should venture to visit the place to try on how it would feel to do what I’m writing here.☺

room beach villa 2

The view in front of the room. The picture shows it all how relaxing is the sight.

room beach villa 3

Let’s check their Honeymoon Suite. If we are already astonished with the first type of room, then let us continue to get mesmerized with each of their accommodation.

The bed canopy gives you the feeling of being a nobleman in medieval Europe. This resort really loves treating their customers like royals, have you observed it too?

room honeymoon-suite4

room honeymoon-suite1

They call this as the Kingroom. I was never mistaken when I mentioned about the royalty feels of this resort. See, how they named their type of accommodation.

room kingroom 1

The spacious balcony with two big beach beds. You can savor the charm of the place while enjoying the tranquility it offers. I personally love to stay in a quite location where I can write with no interruptions. You got your cool spot in this resort if you’re also looking for somewhere private.

room kingroom 2

I caught myself dumbfounded while viewing these photos. Never would have thought this breathtaking place is for real. It both made Mon and I more curious on what else the resort can offer aside from those amazing views.
Ruel explained they wanted to bring the guests closer to nature through their private speedboat. Wow! Please click the link here to see the package and more beach activities you might be interested.

island hoping tours

He also told us about the romantic dinner set-up provided every night. Seriously, Vellago Resort continues to amaze us. Perfect idea to celebrate anniversaries or if you just want to show your affection with your partner through an intimate dinner. I saved your time again in looking for a nice venue. You’re welcome.☺

Night View

The captivating sunset.


An early morning view of their beach. It looked like this as early as five in the morning. Imagine yourself to have an early morning walk while hearing the natural rhythms of nature, feeling the soft sand with just the right soothing warmth as it touches your feet. Wouldn’t that be a pleasant way to unwind?


I can stand still here for hours facing the breeze of the sea. No gadgets, no busy city life, just nature.

seven commando beach, white, fine sand and turquoise blue water

How to get there:

Contact Information for bookings: +63 917 8844 082 and☺Resort website here



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