To The Living Superheroes In School

My Facebook newsfeeds for yesterday were mostly about giving recognition to the teachers significant role in our lives. It’s a noble profession that deserves respect and appreciation not just during Teacher’s day. We can’t be what we are now without them and that’s a fact.

I can see how exhausting their work demands at some point. I’m quite aware of it because we have a grade school teacher at home, my sister. Almost everyday, I can see how busy she is in preparing for her lessons for the kids for the next class schedule.

She is working in a public school and there were even few instances when she would have to use her own money coming from her own pocket to pay for class projects and school occasions. Their salary isn’t that big, but according to her, helping someone gives her a rewarding feeling seeing her students happy. Well, she’s a teacher with a good heart. Look at these wonderful gifts from her students as a sign of their gratitude. You can really see how much her students love her.


Not all teachers are commendable as she is, yes that’s true. Some of us may have some bad experiences with them at school. I personally also had one of the worst nightmare encounter with one of my grade school mentors before. Several instances when I came home crying because of so much fear towards my terror teacher. It was an unhealthy child experience but that one mean teacher didn’t cause me to loose my respect to the rest of my advisers.

Finishing my college degree won’t happen if my instructors since pre-school up until college didn’t endorse me to the next school level. They will always be part of my journey no matter how many years will pass from the moment I graduated. Their teachings and sincere pieces of advice had influenced in molding my character today. I salute your patience in dealing with each of our unique behaviors you have to endure for one school year. Amazing, isn’t it? I don’t think I can survive doing such adjustment process for every new batch of class.

Ma’am and Sir, thank for being part of my life. Thank you for guiding and encouraging me to be a better version of myself. Happy Teacher’s Day to our living superheroes.




  1. Thank you for recognizing our efforts to teach our students. It’s inspires us teachers to work harder for the benefit of our class.

    1. Your hard work deserves recognition. Thank you for doing your best for your students. God Bless you and your journey to your profession.

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