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It’s been a while since I’ve written a blog post about my Akyn. Our time together has been temporarily interrupted while I’m working overseas. Crossing fingers to be together again in God’s perfect time. It’s a challenge to be away but as what the priest here had shared this morning’s station of the cross stating, “Today’s grief is necessary for Tomorrow’s joy.” This too shall pass! I greatly believe on that.

I’ve talked to one of the overseas worker who had spent working here for almost two decades about his experience of moving away from his family. Can you imagine how tough he is to endure such length of time alone? According to him, twenty years ago, video calling wasn’t available during their time. They made use of either the long distance phone calls which was quite pricey or sending snail mails that took several days to weeks before receiving them. I should be thankful to technology then for I can see them whenever I wanted to. Thank you!


With every new release of new gadgets, the new generations of today are also keeping the same fast pace to catch up with them, own and learn how to operate the system. So as my toddler who loves discovering how to make his tablet work. Before leaving the country, I downloaded the Messenger mobile app and logged in with my unused Facebook account as my mode of communication to call my toddler and my Mama while I’m here. The plan was successful. Hooray! I can talk to them at home even if my husband is still at work.

I taught my Mama ONLY how to answer my calls, how to chat and whatsoever function she needed to know about the app. To my surprise, instead of my mother to whom I am expecting to ring me, it’s my toddler who does the non-stop calls using the app. He even knows how to send a recorded message if I’ll miss the call. It’s really true that kids learn fast when it comes to technology compared to the older generations. My mom forgot about everything I taught her. Funny, isn’t it? She needs to ask a three year old boy to make phone calls to me. Lol.

There was one instance when I was still busy doing my training and I left my phone on the table where my workmates where hanging around. When I came back, they notified me about the persistent caller ringing my phone for more than six times. Yes, it was Akyn who was waiting for me to answer. He must have missed our playtime together. Thanks to the app we can do things like this.

My Akyn

I talked to Mon yesterday before he left to work and told me something that amazed him with our Akyn. See, I can still monitor my boy’s progress via online. Yey! Here’s what happened Mommas. My Mom reminded Mon to drop by the store first to buy some distilled water on his way to work. After Mon had prepared himself and was already ready to the office, my toddler reminded him, “Dy (daddy), aren’t you supposed to buy water first?”Mon completely blanked out about the request yet Akyn was clever enough to remind him. Have you had the same moments with your toddler too?

Akyn has always been like that. He is very observant with what’s going on with his environment. Whenever I go to do groceries with him he will always remind me about my purse before leaving the store. I am happy with how my child is developing his attitude. I hope he will continue to grow as a responsible man.


Before I slept today, we were doing a video call. Suddenly, the room lightbulb was starting to flicker and then he told me, “Mie (Mommy) the light is about to surrender and it goes like this,” he demonstrated the flickering lights using his eyes trying to close then open repeating it several times. What a smart way to explain it! Our video call ended with laughter as always.


I’m not there to hug you physically baby. I may not be available to make you feel comfortable when you’re having your tantrums.I can’t sing your Rockabye Baby song to bring you to sleep. This is only transient. Mommy will do her best to be with you and Daddy as soon as the Lord with allow.

I love you.


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