Unexpected Dental Appointment

Our typical day turned out to give us full of unexpected planned trips for today. A week before, we’ve already planned to celebrate Mama’s birthday by going to a family movie trip. Excited to choose which of the Metro Manila Film Fest for 2018 should we watch. They got plenty of options to choose from with nice online reviews. Wohoo! Another relaxing adventure for us plus I didn’t need to spend more because I got two free movie tickets sponsored by my employer for being a diligent employee of the month(wink).

So, how did our day start?

The original plan was to wait for Mon’s time off from work so we can go together. Instead of doing nothing and waiting for our movie time, we made use of our morning schedule to accommodate few of our tasks. Today, I started keeping all the Christmas decorations we had for the holidays. Have you started putting down your decorations too? See you next Christmas season my beautiful Christmas tree.☺

After the cleaning and arranging duties, another thing to do is to inflate our inflatable pool at home. Akyn and I would like to enjoy the beautiful sunny weather this time after the succeeding rainy days last week. We missed you Mr. Sun.

We don’t have any electric air pump. What do you think did I use to make our pool playtime possible? I used my hands in doing manual pump to inflate the pool. Goodness gracious! My arms still felt sore until the following day. I AM NOT DOING IT AGAIN, I said to myself. I had my unanticipated free work out. It was only half of the day and my body already felt exhausted. This was just the second list to accomplish. I can’t quit for our other plans.

After almost four hours of alternate pumping of air manually and resting my tired hands, I successfully managed to filled it up with enough air for us to enjoy swimming. Unbelievably tiring!


Thank goodness Mama cooked our favorite snack, spaghetti and macaroni salad. At least I have something to refuel my lost energy.

While having a good time with Akyn enjoying the water, I asked him to open his mouth so I can check his teeth. I found a little pimple like reddish swollen part of his gum just above his front teeth. Suspecting it maybe a dental abscess. The mommy intuition alarm got activated and without wasting any time, I booked for an appointment with my dentist. I know it’s something serious and shouldn’t be neglected. I still wanted to enjoy playing with my baby in our little pool but I can’t afford to postpone getting him seen with a specialist.

I wasn’t mistaken with my hunch on what’s going on with my toddler’s gums. The dentist confirmed it was an abscess tooth. Akyn’s milk front teeth were completely damaged according to her and immediately she scheduled it for tooth extraction by Friday.

We were provided with health teachings about tooth abscess. You may learn from this too. What exactly is a dental abscess? It’s a condition when the bacterial infection had penetrated the tooth and because the body tries to fight the invading infection, that’s the reason why pus would form on the soft tissues around the tooth like the gums. Abscess will then eventually result if the pus formation can’t drain which was what I saw to Akyn’s gums an evident swelling.Please excuse me for those who are eating while reading this entry.

What are the main culprits of having tooth abscess? She gave us several possible causes such us tooth decay, injury to the teeth creating spaces for bacteria to multiply and pressure on the teeth due to grinding and clenching. She asked if Akyn drinks milk before sleeping. Absolutely yes, he does. According to her, always follow milk with water to flush out the sweetness on his oral cavity. Also limit eating sugary food like candies and chocolates and never to forget maintaining a good oral hygiene.

Tooth abscess is critical for children if not given urgent attention for treatment. It may only appear to be a little red swelling bump on your child’s gum but if it is left untreated, it can spread the infection to the other areas of the body causing more concern. So, if you see any abnormalities on your child’s oral cavity please see a dentist while it can still be treated.

For now, my boy has to complete his Antibiotic therapy to manage the infection and bring the swelling down. I’m concerned on how my three-year old baby can endure the experience of getting tooth extraction at an early age. Both Mon and I requested for a time off on that day. Thanks to our direct superiors for allowing us to be off from work. I wanted to be with my child to face it.

We love you baby 😘


We pushed through with our movie date to celebrate Mama’s birthday to lighten up the stress breaking news. Happy Birthday Ma. Thanks for celebrating your birthday together with us though we didn’t expect to spend part of your special day on a dental clinic.

Still thankful I have the necessary help resources available in times like this. I’ll blog  about our appointment this Friday to share more thoughts about it.


Get well soon baby.



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