August is almost ending and I only managed to create two posts for my blog. What happened? I used to create as much as fifteen articles per month when my site started to gone live but now I’m struggling to finish even one post. Dear me! I’m always at work pretty mommas doing overtime shifts. I’ll get bored anyway if I’ll spend four days off doing nothing. That’s what happens when you’re away from your family where your mind will only focus to do more extra work rather than sulking in the dark. Am I correct or am I REALLY correct. Choose between the two. LOL!

So, what’s the latest progress we have here as an overseas worker? Let me take you again to a place you’ve never been. Yay! Had an opportunity to visit one of the local museums in Hull. Apart from the fact that the art gallery was totally jaw dropping, it is absolutely FREE for public viewing, too. Isn’t that quite impressive?

Went to Ferens Art Gallery named after Thomas Ferens who donated it. Showing you the address of the place on this photo. I must admit I got so fascinated viewing the paintings and those photos of the past centuries. Some of them were even depicting illustrations way back the Victorian era. Wow just wow. I cant say anything more on how happy I am getting the chance to be there. Thank you Lord.


I have that strong obsession to retrogressive events. Maybe because I’m still longing to my childhood memories when everything seemed calm, no high powered gadgets, no hustle and bustle of city life, just pure happiness of the innocent child.

Anything related to the past catches my attention. There was one time my Mama caught me browsing the net viewing some old photos of European post mortem photography. She got so irritated on why I kept on scrolling the pictures of dead people posing like they are still alive. According to what I’ve read, it was one way of them to remember their loved ones who passed away during the 1800s to early 1900s. Creepy I know. See, how amazing each practice changes through time. What could be acceptable today may become a taboo practice hundreds of years from now!

Here are few of the photos I’ve captured in Ferens. Please say hi to the queen of Akynfullhouse. (wink)


Allow me to do another pose please.


And one more.


She’s one of my favorite. Isn’t she beautiful? An 1800’s creation made by a painter named Emma Sandy. I did take note of the name of the creator for you guys. She got the same first name like my sister, Mary Ann Emma Sands.


Thrilled to witness their elegance in the past.



Lion King family?


Do you have any idea on what is this for? It reminds me of a strait-jacket used in psychological thriller themed films with asylum as its usual settings.


Mary had a little lamb and its fleece is as white as snow.


Its message completely make sense.


A woman’s body never failed to be one of the most favorite theme for art. Don’t you agree with me? Every curve, the undeniably soft delicate skin and a woman’s fragile heart makes it a perfect inspiration for artist.


A section in the gallery happened to have an exhibit for their little visitors. These are inflating microbes inspired hanging balloon. My Akyn would have enjoyed them if he can see them.


I haven’t gotten the chance to travel away from Hull yet in my six months of stay in the UK but I still feel contented discovering local attractions with so much story to tell. I’m letting God maneuver my destiny for now as a new chapter opens everyday with lots of hope for a better day ahead.


Sunny morning mommas.


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