What To Pack When Traveling With Your Toddler

For the very first time, I tried traveling alone with my toddler. I am always hesitant to leave the house with Akyn without someone with me. I’m pretty sure most of the Mommies reading this post, can totally relate as to how difficult it is to travel with your toddler unaided with anyone.

It’s like bringing your entire house supply with you. Yes, it’s an exaggeration but this is a difficult challenge for real. If you’ve tried packing things for a travel with your infant, probably your load will double once your child will reach the Toddler active stage.

I tried convincing my spouse for several attempts, bribing him with few treats coming from my own pocket ( not from our family budget) just for him to go with us, but all of it failed. He didn’t have any plans of going out with us due to some work-related concerns. I had to face my Mom duties ALONE. I had set an appointment to meet my college best friends who were Akyn’s Godmothers. It wasn’t as urgent compared to his commitment to his work. Ok, he’s excused this time (eyes rolled).

Here are my lists whenever I do travel with my baby.

  1. A sturdy bag– spacious and durable enough to carry all our things. I prefer to use a backpack with padded strap so I can carry it over my shoulder while I carry Akyn. My boy loves being carried for long walks and it’s one of my dilemmas. He’s only willing to walk when climbing down the stairs or walking around hilly places. Other than that, it’s going to be a carry-me-mom moment.
  2. Water– should be part of the list. My toddler likes running around and is very curious with his surroundings making him thirsty every now and then. He likes both plain water and flavored drinks.
  3. Extra clothes and Towel– with the kind of climate we have here plus his never ending urge to play, he easily sweat. I do pack an extra pair. Sometimes, I double it for long travel just to be sure I won’t run out of clothes while away from home.
  4. Snacks– Akyn has a great appetite for biscuits. I do make sure my child won’t starve during our travel. Remember a hungry baby is an angry baby. If you don’t want your toddler to throw a fit, then address his needs and he will be fine.
  5. Diaper and wet wipes– You’ll never know when his toilet needs will arise. My almost two-year old toddler isn’t potty trained yet which means I can’t be certain as to when he may need to defecate.
  6. Mentholated Topical Ointment and Sickness bag– I had an experience when Akyn had motion sickness before. He felt so sick that he had to throw up what he just ate before we travelled. What I normally do now is to apply Mentholated Topical Ointment on his tummy part and chest giving him a relaxing feeling. My Sickness bag is always ready in case he needs it. He gives me a cue when he’s not feeling well by saying, “Mommy yayay.”
  7. His favorite toy it’s very useful in distracting him when he’s bored. His mind is preoccupied in playing during those instances where we needed to wait on something.


Our adventure together was both memorable and full of fun. He never showed any challenging behavior and was very cooperative when I requested him to follow my instructions. There was even one point during our trip when I was talking to him like I was talking to an adult. He responded in words that only ME can understand. That’s what we call a language between a mother and her child. I can’t wait for another adventure with my son.






  1. Always a helpful tip from Mitch ♥ Merry Christmas to you and your family.

    1. Thank you Yancy. Merry Christmas too mwahhhh

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