When I Answered Pardon?

The emotional roller coaster game didn’t end after passing the IELTS exam for I have to undergo several tests and more documents to comply. What’s next after the English test? Well, I have to submit myself for another anxiety provoking employer interview. How can I work in the United Kingdom if I don’t have any employer who will hire me, right?

I was again too nervous with sweaty hands as cold as ice, knees trembling and my heart rate was beating faster than normal. Those were my normal physical responses when I am tensed. I am confident I can relate to the questions regarding my field. What I am worried about were the actual questions in the interview proper regarding nursing procedures. Several nursing procedures can possibly be asked which I haven’t familiarized that much. I was really praying hard to have the presence of mind in talking to my future employers.

The day came to face another battle, October 16, 2017 Monday. My employment agency was supportive enough to provide me some pieces for encouragement to boost my self- confidence. I studied every possible questions about Nursing. Anything can be asked. I read and reviewed all my nursing notes when I was still in college, hoping one of the topics may come out during the interview.

The meeting with my potential employers was conducted through Skype. No headset or microphone provided which means I had to make my voice louder and be attentive to them. I can handle this! I kept on telling myself this is going to be a smooth sailing conversation. I had to set my mind for a positive results or else negativity might attract my way of thinking and that was the very least thing I wanted to happen.

The Skype phone rang. My employer was already on the other line waiting for me to press the button for a no turning back decision to face them. Two Hospital supervisors where there and both gave me a warm smile making me feel at ease at the start of the interrogation process. I was conditioning myself to show them I am the nurse they badly wanted to hire. I reciprocated to their smile and was ready to answer their questions.

First questions was thrown at me and it wasn’t that challenging as I expected. It was like an introduction about me. Pretty easy right? I was quite amazed and my mind was still scrambling what was the question being asked. I wasn’t used to hear the British accent anymore ( I guess I may need to practice it again). Guess what was my first answer to it.

I answered their question with a question, “Pardon?” Gosh! Did I seriously say that? Imagine the face of those lovely ladies when I said it. I was able to recover my sanity after a few seconds and didn’t wait for them to repeat themselves. With the help of the Heavens, I did manage to spontaneously answer the succeeding follow up questions.

It felt like another load was take off my back after the session. I was hired and the contract was sent to me the day after. Thank you Lord for helping me regain my composure and letting me pass the test.

Wish me luck to surpass more challenges to come.


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