Akyn Where’s My ID?

I had a feeling I left something at home while I was on my way to the office today. Have you tried such intuition but you can’t explain what’s that thing that you’re missing? I dismissed the vague idea that I may have left something important and continued my itinerary to the office.

When I was about to submit my bag for inspection to the security personnel  before going inside the building where our office is located, I started to panic when I couldn’t find my company ID. I checked every compartment of my bag and it wasn’t really there. I gave up looking for it and informed the guard I left my ID. Good thing I brought my Government issued photo ID as my identification to be allowed to enter the building.

It was such a hassle having no company ID at work. I had to logged in to the main entrance to note down to which department I was assigned to. Then I needed to drop by the 7th floor to get the visitor’s ticket pass. Before entering the production floor, I still needed to sign on something to log in again. Everything was manually done if the employees left their IDs. Our IDs also serve as an access card, which means I had to let the guard swipe his card before I can get in and get out of the office. I couldn’t even sleep in our sleeping lounge during lunch break without letting someone swipe their card. It was such a terrible inconvenience as I may describe it.

While I was fixing myself in getting ready to finally enter the production floor after all those signing of time stamps required, I was figuring out on how and who the culprit was on why I left my ID at home. I couldn’t think of anyone else who could have possibly played with my ID aside from my one and only cheerful boy AKYN. All I was able to do was to release a big sigh while saying,”AKYNNNNN!”

I was imagining Akyn’s face to be like this while being asked to where my ID was?


Akyn loves removing all my stuff inside my bag and then he would return some of the items inside my purse again after a few minutes. He finds pleasure searching for something inside it. I don’t stop him from doing it because I find him so charming  with his animated look while turning my things inside my bag upside down.

So Mommies out there, please check your things first before leaving the house if you had allowed your little munchkins to play with your office bags.You’ll never know what’s missing.☺


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