World Book Day 2023

An amazing power that writing can do is the capability of evoking different emotions to each readers. An article or a book can make us feel happy, inspired, laugh with the words used by the writers encouraging unique interpretations from the book loyalist. On the other hand, written words can also trigger the opposite of positive interpretations. Quite an amazing trick writers could do to play with humans’ emotions, isn’t it?😂

When I post a blog, do I consider if somebody might take it negatively and presume that I might be pointing the post towards them? The answer is I DO NOT. As long as I am not spreading fake new, then I am good.

It won’t be an interesting free writing if writers would always care about what others might think about the post. The ambiguity of the message is one of the main spice of making an article interesting. It will make your readers think, come up to different conclusions. It can make them wonder how a certain thought written could be related to theirs. How exciting is that pretty Mommas? Let the readers take a guess.🤣

Talking about reading, last week Akyn’s school celebrated the World Book day. We don’t have this kind of special day back home. It’s only in England that I got to know about it. I am greatly pleased with this kind of event promoting kids to love reading at an early age. Know more about life from different brilliant authors in diverse field of literary arts.

In celebrating with the World Book day, the students can wear their favorite fictional character in school. I haven’t prepared anything for Akyn to wear because I thought he would be happy to wear his onesie Minion at school but then he changed his mind on the last minute. He woke up as early as seven and asked his Dad to go to Tesco with him and choose an oufit instead. He wasn’t bothered by the early morning cold breeze as long as he can enjoy his school day wearing his chosen costume.

Here’s our little man as Captain Hook. Did our diy photoshoot at home to remember his chosen character.

After their little trip to the nearest Tesco store, they both went home bringing me a surprise present. “Mama, I asked Daddy to buy you flowers because I know you love them!” His sweetness left me utterly speechless. Grateful Momma here for my kind boy’s gesture.

Mon had to drive and drop me to work on that day using my newest eye candy chosen by Mon and Akyn. Simple thoughtfulness like this makes me feel well appreciated at home.

Before I end this post, let me take my OOTD shot taken few weeks ago to match the orange theme for today’s blog. ( LOL)Is orange or red really the color motif for this post? 🤣🤣🤣Well then be vibrant amidst the gloomy weather of winter.

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