Toy Story Standee

Since October of 2018 during Elaine’s house warming, my college circle of friends already agreed to have our mini reunion celebration on the same date of Akyn’s third birthday celebration. Thank you guys for sticking to the agreed plan. It’s less costly because our food, the venue and the entire preparation shall be done all at once. We talked a little bit of our plans ahead of time on what we were supposed to do during the event such as our games, the exchange gifts and the time of the gathering. I got voluntold to be the host. I got no worries with that. I am more than willing to do it for them. It’s only December when we can gather together due to our busy schedules. Having this opportunity to meet even once is a precious opportunity to strengthen our bond of friendship since our college days.♥

So, how did I manage to organize my preparation? I got plenty of things on my to-do list on what to prepare. First, is the decoration. We’ve decided to have a Toy Story as our theme. It’s our Akyn’s favorite cartoon movie. Alright we got the theme. Ok, what’s next?

I needed to have a standee for Akyn’s favorite characters. I tried searching online of the estimated price in hiring for a party standee maker and one package would cost for 10K-15K. Wow! That’s too pricey for something that can only be used once. I had to find another way to make the event presentable without spending to much.

Gladly, Akyn’s Godmother Yancy, introduced me to Dems who can hand paint any character depending on the party theme. He’s so talented. I’ll show his work of art and surely you’ll get amazed with the output.

Let’s check on the venue first.

I contacted a different supplier for the balloon set up through Simply Jessie. I wanted to achieve a blue and red color combination. I loved how it turned out to be. The owner of Simply Jessie Balloon is my classmate in grade school. I only knew it was her during the event date. Small world, isn’t it? Thank you Jessie Lee for this beautiful decoration. I’ll blog more details of the balloon decoration on a separate post.

The Venue

I only requested for at least four standees, however, Demz made a total of seven of them plus the Akyn 3 Story cut out letters as you can see in the above photo. I can’t thank him enough for his kindness.☺

My Akyn’s favorite Disney character, say hi to Woody.


Woody, Akyn’s Favorite

He calls his Daddy as Buzz Lightyear.☺


Guess who am I in Akyn’s Toy Story characters. Tadaan I’m Barbie.


Mr Potato Head and Mrs. Potato Head


His female counterpart.♥


One of the little green men, lime-skinned space aliens.


And the Yodeling Cowgirl, Jessie.♥


Demz is so kind not to charge us anything. Yes, these beautiful standees were all for FREE as a birthday presents for my baby boy. How generous! He just wanted to share his God given talents to those who were in need. May the good Lord bless your big heart a thousand folds Demz. We will be keeping these standees at home as a remembrance that somehow once in this lifetime we met you. You made our Akyn very happy seeing his favorite cartoon characters everyday.

Thank you so much from the Abilars.



  1. Wow . . I actually had no photo except for 2 chracters buzz lightyear and jessie. I didint have time to take a picture because everything were in a rush that day . Time constraint . . .hahahahah . . Thank you for the kind words . . .

    1. You’re welcome Demz. Happy New Year to you and your family.

  2. Voluntold- love it! Looks like a decorative success!

    1. Thank you. 😄

  3. This is so adorable! My son loves toy story and these are awesome tips and ideas!

    1. Thank you. 😊

  4. Those are so cool! What a great job you did !

    1. Thanks Jennifer. ☺

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