A Kilo Of Eggplant

Sunday, when you’re at work but your body is conditioned to stay at home supposedly spending a lazy day with your family. Bummer! If I only have the freedom to choose my own work schedules…. that would be totally terrific! Many of you can relate to my sentiments, I know.

Let’s think about something positive for yesterday instead. Mon and I decided to head home together after they had their Team building sponsored by their company. I often get envy with how their employer values them. As per Mon, whenever they do raise a concern about anything related to work, the company never fails to hear their thoughts and make actions to address the issue. Not everyone is privileged enough to have found a company with a heart to the employees. Making you realize you’re not just a number of the staff headcount, rather, you are part of the business’ success. How awesome!

Mon’s employer supports conserving  the beauty of Mother Earth. Souvenirs provided to them after their team activity promotes minimizing the production of wastes but these items are too cute to be used. I’ll keep them as a memento. Purpose forfeited.☺


Native woven container for a wooden spoon and fork, toothbrush, reusable drinking metal and wooden straw

My tummy was craving for food while we were on our way home. Who wouldn’t starve if you’ve only eaten a handful of peanuts for your lunch to survive the shift? Being preoccupied with the workload for the day often times affects my appetite to eat. This habit needs to be corrected or else I’m going to suffer health complications because of my unhealthy lifestyle!

Started my conversation about food by asking, “Hey, you got something for me from your trip?” A subtle way of expressing my strong desire for food. Lol

“I got my Pasalubong for you, yes.” ”Bought it during our team building activity,” he responded.

“So what is it?” Too eager to eat and if you could just imagine how my tummy growls due to hunger

“I bought a kilo of eggplant for you.” His answer caused me to raised not just one eyebrow but both. Did he buy a cooked eggplant for me? I wondered how it was prepared.

It wasn’t an Eggplant Omelette like what I was thinking. It’s a KILO OF FRESHLY PICKED EGGPLANT. I appreciate the thought but how can I satisfy my cravings for food? Lesson learned: Don’t ignore your body’s cues when it needs something like FOOD.


His presents are always something unexpected. He’s obviously a family man shifting his interests to buying things or food we need at home. More groceries Mon please haha

P.S.: Next time, please buy me a basket of fresh fruits ready to be eaten.(wink)