Living Room Sideboard Decoration by Mich

I have attended a funeral service for the very first time here in the UK yesterday for one of my Filipino Kababayans. We aren’t close personally but I was able to take part of providing his care when he got admitted to our ward. May he rest in peace eternally and my deepest condolences to the bereaved family.❤️

To those reading my blogs, you know how much I hated big gatherings draining my social battery. However, sometimes we needed to get out of our comfort zones to show our support to those who needed it. I am proud of myself taking little steps to reach out to others during their most difficult times.

Today’s the second day of my rest day and I got the house all for myself allowing me to fully charge my battery again. My aim today is to do a reset cleaning of our little home which is a routine for me during my off and of course to complete my love for blogging. How about you guys? What’s your own method of recuperating from stress? Mine is a quite day to do what I love. Everyone has their own unique way to be alive again, I guess.🤣

For the meat of this blog, I am so much excited to share my recent completed mini upgrade in our living room. It’s been a month since I have been planning what I can do to change the eyesore bare part in our piano area. I had a lot of options in my list whether to do a DIY wall panel or should I create an accent wall with a different wall paint. I was also thinking of purchasing a huge cabinet to fill up the space but then I pushed through with having a sideboard cabinet instead and fill the wall with a huge wall art or an oversized mirror. I browsed everyday from Pinterest the vibe I wanted to achieve and as to how I can go ahead to put everything together based on my chosen theme.😍What a meticulous Momma here!(LOL)🤣

Showing the before state of this corner. It was overly minimalist type like it was just a literal piano area.🤣

I ordered my sideboard cabinet from Ebay. I had different designs in my cart but this one was my most fave amongst them. I chose a neutral colored cupboard so it will match the existing theme in the house. It’s so calming to look at if you add lighter shade pretty mommas. The package was delivered fast. The only downside is you got to assemble the furniture. Glad I got Mon to do it for me because I don’t have the patience to do so. He assembled it the night it got delivered.I just can’t wait to see the finish output. I already manifested to start arranging all the stuff the following day which was my rest day,too.How convenient!😍

It was a productive day for me because I had to empty the old chest of drawer contents in our living room and transferred them to my new sideboard cabinet. Then I had to bring the chest of drawer to Akyn’s room to use it for his clothes storage while the existing clothes cabinet of Akyn is now sitting in our entry way as my second shoe rack. I placed our piano near the couch with my vinyl record player. We now got a little music area in our little space.

A lovely pat on the back for a job well done to me. Mommas can relate to the rush of adrenaline to complete all the tasks when it comes to making our home looks lovely especially when we get new things delivered.🤣

Here are the decors I have used for my sideboard. I bought all of them from the Range and they are all very affordable. Bought a Nordic storage basket to store our music CDs and our vinyl records. Didn’t I share that this family loves music.

I also plan to display Akyn’s piano contest trophy he accumulated using this Orla tray with handles.

I know I have a lot of vase in the house but I couldn’t resist getting a new one for it. I love this textured vase to add more character to my decors.

and for the flowers, Akyn and I chose the Ivory rose colour. It is so pretty and relaxing to look at.

I settled to use a big art frame to complete the look. I chose this because it reflects our current situation. We both live in two different parts of the world. As an immigrant, we consider two homes, from the east and the west. We both love our Philippines and UK life. It will forever stay like that, us building two different kinds of lives from the opposite sides of the earth.❤️This is the beauty of doing your own decoration because you can personalize it to showcase yourself around your own home.😍

The building and measurement as to where to hang the the frame were all Mon’s expertise.❤️The best support little worker posing for a photo.

By the way, this toaster was also from the Range. Our old cheap toaster already gave up after five years. It’s about time to get a new one.

Taddaaan this is the finish output. I am soooooo happy with the result. My Pinterest mood board came into reality. It is such a cozy corner very pleasing to the eyes. Perfect view when I am having a cup of hot drink after a stressful day. This nook will be added to one of my fave corner in the house. There are still more areas I needed to change in our home. We will get there eventually, just baby steps pretty Mommas.

Ended the tiring day, by having a family eat out to celebrate the completion of the project.😍

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