A Whole New World

How should I start describing my day? I honestly don’t how to say it in words. It was a mixture of memory provoking events, I guess. Would you like to know why?

My morning started with something incredible. Yes, I successfully enrolled myself into a gym. I never knew it’s going to be that exciting, seriously. I wanted to release all those negative emotions of mine hidden somewhere through sweating. Getting exhausted made all my worries and all the aches gone for a moment. You should try one as well.

Morning was quite productive. Yey! The business is called Nuffield Health Fitness & Wellbeing Gym. You may click their website here for more details. Glad to be part of NHS because they had certain discounted offers for us nurses. The place is a bit spacious with lots of gym equipments, sauna bath, Jacuzzi and a swimming pool for kids and adults. I’m scheduled next weekend for a health assessment to get an overall picture of my health which is part of my package as a member. Amazing! It’s like assessing their customer’s health status and fitness needs to provide us what fitness program would best suit us. I won’t feel wearied anymore during my rest days.

I’ll show you some photos of my morning activity. My companion, Michio. It’s more fun to be with a friend who got the same fitness goal like you do, isn’t it?



We spent about two hours exploring all the available equipments. There were only a few members around and it’s a weekend. It’s as if we owned the place. Can you believe that? Unlike back home were our local gym were usually crowded especially during weekends.



Please say hi to my forever buddy in realizing my healthy lifestyle checklist. She definitely looked like a twin of my running shoes I left in Cebu. Gray shoes would always catch my attention. This color simply looked stunning to me.


My afternoon is more relaxed as I thought it should be. Together with my friends, we watched Aladdin. I’ve planned to watch this few days ago and was so excited to see it on the big screen. Apart from the fact that it shall be my first time watching a film here, I can’t wait to witness my favorite Disney song.


There is something so special with this song, you know why? Because this is my chosen wedding song for our first dance. I even created the steps for our dance without the help of any dance instructor on how we can pull it off during the actual event.


When we had our Honeymoon in Hong Kong, this song was played during the last full show in Disneyland with colorful fireworks display and people singing along with the music. Everything was some sort of magical. I missed it, badly longing for that moment.

We were supposed to get some dinner with our friends yesterday but I politely with some lame excuse opted to walk alone while the sky was drizzling with its cold drops of clouds’ tears. My rest days have changed. It became empty with nothing special to keep in my memory bank.

Most of the beautiful moments will only be realized on how special they are until they become a memory. Enjoy every bit of happy days you have with those people you care about for you won’t know until when you can savor it again.

Mich misses you Cebu. I’ll leave you with my blog’s tag line


Good morning everyone.



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