Pilipinas Vacation 2023 Part 2

For a three weeks vacation, it was too short for us to do everything we intended to do at home. It might be too long for others who are just going on a holiday but for an overseas workers like us, it’s not enough. Going home doesn’t only mean like what others define what a vacation should be. For an OFW it means catching up with the lost precious time of the life we left back home, it means seeing all our loved ones and friends budgeting time spent to accommodate everyone we wanted to spend time with, it means... Read More

Life Update First Q 2023

The first quarter of 2023 is almost finished. How fast the days went! I've also had reached my fourth year of stay in this country. Yay! Happy fourth to us as an immigrant. Is it a big deal surviving this long to stay in a country with completely different culture from us? Of course, it ain't easy adapting to everything new. Coming here with only a suitcase full of clothes leaving everything we've started back home because we wanted change to happen to our professional growth is something I will always be thankful I decided to take the risk. It... Read More

Christmas 2022

I hope everyone of you guys had a wonderful time during Christmas. For the three of us we spent a lovely Holidays together. Apart from getting busy with all the Christmas shopping for the gift giving activity, we offered most of our time doing singing practice with our friends from St. Charles preparing for the Christmas eve and Christmas Day mass. I was poorly last 2021 and unfortunately I missed those two important church activities. Gladly for 2022, I was finally able to experience joining my friends to witness a joyful evening mass. These were few of my wrapped gifts... Read More

Fall Season Pumpkin Picking

I've finished this book, The Point of Retreat which is the second sequel of CoHo's book entitled Slammed. It was definitely another legend she has created to continue the love story of Will and Layken. I'm on the third book now called This Girl. I'm crossing my finger I'll also fall in love with her creation again. I got hooked with the first book where she introduced about an activity called poetry slam in the story where a group of young people gather together in a club to courageously recite their own made poems expressing their deepest emotions of something.... Read More

My Fave Wax Melt Creations

I'm quite in a good mood for this morning after finishing to check out my Amazon cart for new cloth textiles and some additional bits for my sewing craft. It's an accomplishment for a beginner like me in the sewing craft to be able to learn how to operate the machine and get my first projects done. Update for my journey is the finished pillow cases I did. I didn't realize though that a meter of cloth can only make one piece and a half of a pillow case. I need at least two meters to create a pair of... Read More

Filey Beach

I took a quick rest after sorting out all our travel stuff and putting them back to where they needed to be at home. Yes, we've just arrived from our summer holiday and I can't wait for tomorrow to start blogging about it. So, I started my part one of the travel blog now. We've promised Akyn a holiday prize after he won his piano competition in Hornsea last July. We shouldn't break a promise to our child especially if it's a gift for something he worked hard to earn it. He requested to visit London again for the nth... Read More

Newest Obsession Review

Happy Easter pretty Mommas! It's a quite morning for a sleepy head chatty writer. I skipped my morning coffee routine because I'll be at work tonight. To be up all night means a dose of caffeine before the busy hospital shift. As much as I love coffee, I try to limit my intake to once a day or else I will be up til the morning. We don't have much plans for today apart from attending the Sunday Easter mass then home to get some sleep before going to work. And of course, my blogging hobby won't be out of... Read More

His First Solo Cantor Experience

While walking with my Akyn in going to school earlier in the middle of the breezing cold winter of three degrees this morning, he asked me randomly,"Did God make this cold weather Mommie?" I said yes and he further asked,"Why?" I need to answer his question or else he won't stop dropping the topic not until he will get the answer to it. "Because God wants us to experience what a cold weather feels like." "If we only have a nice weather all the time then we won't be able to appreciate how lovely the sun is without knowing how... Read More

Hull Fair

Akyn went to school using his bike instead of his scooter as suggested by me thinking he hasn't used his little bike for quite sometime now. I haven't realized though that I will be going home carrying the heavy metal bike alone after sending him to school. Tried to push it using my hands but because it is so small it hurts my back when I am leaning down. I did rather carry it back home and promised not to offer it again in going to school. We'll stick in using his scooter from now on. Duh! A little sleepy... Read More

Bridlington Family Trip

I had a little ME time moment after I sent my Akyn to school this morning. It feels refreshing to do things we love for ourselves pretty Mommas from time to time. Went to my favorite thrift shop to get some home decors then had a short peek of new clothes for this season from my favorite clothesline. Shopping has always been a therapeutic activity for me. I should do some haul for my newest collections of thrifted decors on my future post and how I style it at home. Don't you think that would be interesting? Anyway for today... Read More


I should have posted another blog post yesterday but I got exhausted in spending almost six hours finishing my do it your own beautifying my toiletries organizer. Look how badly rust had almost taken over the original beauty of this silver stand. After a year and a half of usage it turned out like this but never had I thought about disposing it. I'm not that type who would normally let go of my purchased stuff not unless it's totally impossible to restore them. I value where my money goes that means every item I buy has always a special... Read More

Kurdistan Restaurant

Drinking a cuppa, completely wrapped with my thick blanket while writing this post is my complete description of what I call as my relaxation. Yes rest day, it is. My boys are preoccupied finishing Akyn's homework in writing the Alphabet. Akyn is almost at the end of his little workbook in less than a week. Whoah! He's loving it. Thanks God. When on rest day I oftentimes feel lazy to do anything. If I could only choose to stay within the comfort between my blanket especially now that summer is over. Nooooo! But obviously I can't. You know the life... Read More

New Home

Finally felt settled enough to start updating my Akynfullhouse. Got so busy with my non stop duty schedule plus our moving house agenda. Can't even find enough time to rest. This is the cruel reality of a working pretty Momma. LOL. Bet you might be able to relate to it as well. We moved house on the 9th of September which was my Akyn's first day of school, too. Can you imagine the stress of a mother coming straight from a night shift then tasked to complete the day without rest? Oh yes, tell me more about it. But I... Read More


I thought that keeping mum would help you get away from conflict. Well I'm wrong. It's not true because if we do, people will start putting words into our mouth that we've never said, labeling actions we've never done, accusing thoughts we've never thought of at all. Cruel world where we are living. Whether we keep our distance from NEGATRONS or choose to negate with their opinions about us, there will always be something they will discuss against you in their own little circle of friends. In instances like this what would you normally do? For me, I'd rather find... Read More

Deja Vu

Have you experienced what they call as Deja vu which means you have already lived through the present situation or an already seen event?👻 While sorting out my things in my room to arrange it when I moved in, I took a photo of my bed. I felt then like I've seen this in the past I just couldnt figure out where? Later during the night, finally I got to remember it. It was one of my childhood dreams. Used to live in my grandparents ancestral house and you know how an old Filipino-Spanish house would look like with brick... Read More

Idle Is Not My Favorite

While reading some articles online I came across with the  famous verse stating,"Idle hands are the devil’s workshop; idle lips are his mouthpiece." I couldn't agree more to the message for I share the same sentiments when it comes to how I spend my day especially during rest days. Just to clarify being idle is different to getting a good rest after a tiring job. Idle for me simply means choosing to be lazy to do things which we are supposed to be doing. It's like living with no purpose, opting to be unproductive if you can certainly  do the... Read More