After A Year

Big drops of rain poured non stop this afternoon while walking around the city centre during my second rest day but I’m crazily loving every chilly wind hitting my cheeks. Gloomy weather excites me since I was a kid. God I miss this kind of coldness. I got my umbrella with me. Ever ready stroller as you may call it. Yay! Enjoying each step on a puddle of water then a little splash damping my shoes. Is that what happens when you got too many night shift duties for the month?LOL.

Hey pretty Mommas July is about to end today, isn’t it? How fast time flies. Felt like February was only yesterday when I first came here. Five month of stay was just a blink of an eye, really. Don’t you think so? Tried reminiscing what did I do last year on this exact date? Would you believe it if I’ll tell you I was dreading for the coming of the next month. Why? Because my CBT exam was booked on the 16th of August. In short, I went nuts last year on this day. Who would have thought a year after would turn out as happy as this day doing shopping alone in my dream country to continue my professional development.

Never stop believing in you dreams dear Akynfullhouse readers. All your hardwork will surely pay off. Encouraging ya’ll from my own not so easy experience of making my dreams get realized. (wink)

The happy me

What made my day more interesting today apart from being thankful to where I am now? I made my own DIY sugar container. I’ve shared in my previous blog post regarding my intention of transferring to another accomodation. In doing so, little by little I’m preparing all the stuff needed for me to start living on my own. Been looking for a gray container but most of them were quite expensive. Nah, I won’t spend more than five pounds just for it! Went to Poundland and glad to say I found this plain tin can.


Nothing special with it, you see. My wild creative imagination won’t settle for having a plain jane sugar tin can. Thanks to these for helping me improve its look.


Used my pink glitter Alphabet stickers for the label and the damaged key holder as a cover accessory. Recycling at its finest. My finish output.


The cover is way better than its original look. What do you think? I know I did great!(bluntly bragging) LOL


Apart from this, I recycled my mentos receptacle as my hair ties holder organizing my vanity accessories. Take a peek. I’ve used a washi tape to make it kind of presentable.


I am enormously happy seeing how cute they turned out to be. More DIY’s to make soon.

I’ll end this post with this.

Thankful for this time of having my own chill day.

Thankful for finally living my dreams to the fullest.

Thankful for my family and friends  for being there always.

Thankful to God for blessing me beyond measure.

My Thank you’s never end.


Try listening to this Nursery Rhyme song





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