Akyn’s Bicycle

We couldn’t hold back our excitement to see our Akyn’s happiness in getting his new Woody toy. If you can remember in my previous blog post, we promised to give his surprise gift on his third birthday. I’m sorry to admit but we gave in to our urge to surprise him early. It’s our frailty as his parents to witness his genuine joy every time. I know parents can relate to this. ☺

We gave him his talking Woody last weekends. Can you imagine how the little Woody fan reacted seeing his favorite Toy Story character? It was priceless! I love you baby.


It was just in time too that we decided to give his toy last week because we were able to make use of it for his pre-birthday photo shoot session. The toy has served its purpose. Hooray!


Additional task for us to think of another birthday gift for him. Initially, we wanted to give him a kiddie bicycle with training stabilizers. Guess what! Mon bought it during my birthday when we were enjoying our time off together with Akyn. His birthday gift came early AGAIN. I’m not really sure as to how we can teach ourselves to control our compulsion to treat our baby boy. Dear me!


I was hesitant at first to agree in buying it because of the price. Yes, it was a bit pricey but the salesman managed to convince us giving us at least P500 discount. Alright, if we won’t buy it now, whether next week or the coming days, we will still be buying it anyway. So, better take advantage with the promotion offered. We got it from SM City Cebu in case you wanted to buy for your toddlers too. They do have lots of options for you to choose but I’m not certain if the items will still be on sale. The cheapest we’ve seen for a kiddie bicycle was for P2800 and the most expensive one was for almost P4000.


Please say hello to his new play buddy.


He’s still learning to use it getting familiarized with the basic skills like how to use the pedals, steering and balancing may take some time for him to master it. For now, because we haven’t bought his protective gear yet, Mon and I have to do a side by side assistance in letting him ride his bicycle. We will be both burning our calories in doing an active play for today. I am looking forward for a happy week to spend with my boys. Hope you’ll have a nice one too.☺

Do you have any suggestions were to buy a set of cycling protective gear for kids? Please feel free to drop your comments. Thank you☺





  1. What a lucky little man. He got one expensive present there. There are stores selling bicycle gear with a complete set for the helmet, elbow and knee padding. You may check local toy stores too.

    1. Oh Thank you for your suggestions. We’ll check it out sometime this weekend. Happy New Year.☺

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