DIY Champs At Home-Spring Edition

I kept on staring in our backyard to check how’s our newly painted garden fence would look like. It absolutely looked so stunning! I am a happy Momma here. Although our finish output still needs more coat to follow but the current state now pretty looks amazing. I am just waiting for a warmer weather to continue painting. It’s spring but UK’s weather here in the northern part still feels chilly for me. I need Mr SUNSHINE so badly.🤣

We started our garden makeover last Sunday because our Akyn kept on insisting we should start painting this month. Alright then! Went to church in the morning to attend the Sunday mass. All prepared to go yet here we are still busy taking a selfie before heading out. Moments of looking presentable needs to be documented in photos as this looks seem to be happening very seldom when you’re working as a nurse. (LOL) 😂Haggard looking before and afeter work is becoming a mainstream to us nurses due to the amount of stress we deal with in the hospital. I will be on shift tomorrow and I am not even looking forward to it. I love my job,don’t get me wrong. It’s just that the physical and emotional stress it brings is so unbelievably so hard to deal with but what can we do? We got to work pretty Mommas to live.😘

Here are our lovely photos with my always ready company to pose.💕💕💕

Trying my very best to do and OOTD shot and guess what happens everytime. I am a Momma, of course you will see my baby boy photo bombing every serious pose I tried.🤣🤣🤣

OOTD: Top-HM,Denim Skirt from the Philippines, Bag-Thrifted, Shoes-FIla, Necklace-Avon UK

After Mass, we had our lunch before the hardwork begun. Mon cleaned the fence first. He had to brush the dirty part before we started painting them. My Akyn helped with the painting,too. It became a happy family activity instead of a tedious job to finish.

When we bought the house, the previous owner obviously loved the shade of red. The bedroom walls, curtains left and the fence where coloured red. I just don’t love red for now, so this shade is going to get gone from my little home.We got a huge garden and I love it. It’s one of the reasons why I love this house. It offers us a lot of space for my boy to play safely in our backyard.

A big garden also equates to a big makeover task. 😂For now, we will be starting with the painting change. Look at the change, this only includes three coats of warm stone shade. It already brighten the area.

My little helper who seemed to have tons of energy to help his Mami and Dadi. We chose to wear clothes we are willing to get dirty when we did the painting work.

Then yesterday, during my off, I also started to sew my thrifted piece of cloth and turned it into a pillow case. This colour is so Christmassy.I only bought it for less than a fiver and I already made three pairs of regular sized pillow case plus I got several scrunchies waiting for me to complete. I am planning to use the scrunchies as gifts in the future.

I am so happy to give a new life to this cloth that was considered already as a trash to someone else.

My weekends was so productive with all these projects we did. Staying at home can never be a boring thing for me. I always find things to do either to organize our little space, clean the house or create DIY projects like these are tasks that can make me happy.

Let us keep the projects going pretty Mommas! Have a lovely week ahead.😍

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