Akyn’s First School Day

Last weekend while having a discussion with Mon via online, a reminder suddenly popped into my head about our plan to send Akyn to school for this June’s opening of classes. Right, we totally forgot how fast time flies and it’s almost May but we haven’t had contacted the school regarding the requirements for enrollment. Dear me!

Thank you God for reminding our busy heads making sure our Akyn’s needs aren’t taken for granted. The following day, Monday, Mon called the Holy Infant School Montessori as the nearest school to our subdivision inquiring about our intention to enrol Akyn. The lady on the other line immediately scheduled Akyn for an initial assessment on Tuesday to check Akyn’s learning development. That was how fast the whole process was.

As a mother, I felt both excited and nervous for my little boy. What will he answer if he will be asked about something he doesn’t know yet? What if my child won’t even bother going inside the assessment room without his Daddy? What if they won’t accept Akyn? So many crazy thoughts running at the back of my head. Told Mon to practice Akyn answering basic questions like his name, age and address.

Every time we would throw this question to Akyn,”What’s your name?” His answer would be, “My name is Akyn Gwapo (handsome). Just for the record we didn’t teach him to say that. It was his own bold description on how he sees himself, maybe. I won’t argue with him. Of course he’s the most handsome baby for me.(wink)😜


On the day of the assessment when the teacher asked him to go with her, my Akyn held her hand and didn’t even show any hesitations or worries of being alone with his first met teacher according to Mon. Great start baby! I asked Mon on how the day went? He said while viewing Akyn from a distance during the entire discussion between Akyn and his teacher, he could see him smiling. It has always been my boy’s request to send him to school as early as two years old last year. There was one instance when he threw a fit crying out loud requesting us to send him to school because he wanted to learn how to draw. Bless you baby.

Mon enrolled him for this opening of classes in June and Akyn also started his summer class last Wednesday. Good thing he only missed the first day of summer class which started last Monday. Everything seemed to be alright when I asked my boy his experience in his summer class. The eagerness to come is still the same. I hope he will continue to love studying.

How did he develop such habit of loving the idea of going to school. I can share some tips Mommas.

  1. Play pretend school classes at home– It’s a benefit that my sister is a teacher to do this game with Akyn but you can actually do it even if you aren’t a teacher by profession. Every time we visit Naga, my sister would always have a mini session with my Akyn as her student and her as the teacher. They do have little chairs and writing white board to let him scribble. He loves the fun and is looking forward for this game.
  2. Introduce your child to school stuff like school supplies– Despite the fact that my child wasn’t starting to attend proper school classes yet we already started buying some school materials for him to use at home. We bought things like water colors and crayons to be used in shading his coloring books. Pencils and pieces of notebooks to write on. He also got his cute backpack bag of his choice to store his things. He can somehow develop the idea on what’s going to happen when he will be in school.
  3. Talk to your child about what to expect when he will be starting classes- During our random conversation with my toddler, we always insert some topics regarding studying such as how to behave when the teacher is talking, how to make friends with classmates and what are the common activities children would do in classes.

If you have more tips you’re practicing to make your child love school please drop you comments below. Also, pretty mommas, I would suggest you to invest in sending your child to good schools with established training for kids especially during the preparatory stage because this is the year when kids tend to absorb learning as fast like sponges absorbing every bit of new information given to them. Never mind the expenses rather think about the benefit it will bring to you babies.

My son’s summer class is three times a week for a month. Good enough to make him ready for the coming school year. I am so proud of you Akyn. I love you.😘



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