Akyn’s Shopping Loot for January

The year 2018 finally started. Happy New Year to all. It’s a brand new year which means a fresh start for everyone. I haven’t figured out any specific New Years resolution yet. I guess, all I want to do is to improve whatever aspects in me that can be refined better. Perhaps, a change of attitude which will help me to become a better version of myself. I need to write these down to be specific, I know. I’ll have some time for that task.

Let’s talk about something I did for the start of the year instead and will share to you soon about myself aims for improvement once I’ve started it.

I’ve been enjoying shopping these past few months. Who doesn’t like to splurge into it? I take delight in shopping for my toddler, not just for myself. It’s fun seeing those colorful little clothes and of course, the animated toys are always part of my list. When I shop, I simply don’t shop in one store. If I have the luxury of time, I try to check other chain stores as well, to get more options to choose from with reasonable prices.

Here are some of Akyn’s Shopping loot for 2018. SM kids department store offers a variety of cozy clothes for toddlers at an economical price range. You can find cute statement apparel for your little ones. These undershirts were sold in pairs for only Php 199.75.



I paired them with two white shorts for Php 179.99. See, the prices didn’t even cost more than half of a thousand. Perfect for gift ideas for those who want to spend less for quality items.


Akyn has mostly outgrown his infant pair of socks and I badly needed to buy some new pairs for him. This set of three cost Php 279.00. They had plain white socks too. I like these one better for him.


Whenever Akyn is with me shopping, his first request would always be, “Mommy Toys.” He knows what he wants. You can really see on his facial expression how delighted he is upon getting his toys. Being an only child would mean no other kids to play with at home. We also didn’t have any neighbors with kids to let him mingle with. Having toys at home will at least make his mind preoccupied.



Here’s the first toy we found in Elizabeth Mall. A shopping cart with different fruits and vegetables included. It’s fun while learning at the same time making him familiarize the different kinds of fruits and produce to remember. This only cost Php 379.00.




You may need to assemble it first following the instructions at the back portion of the box.



The bowling set which can illuminate lights once you switch it on. This cost for Php 669.00 in Gaisano,Tabunok. We’re going shopping to the southern part of Cebu now. Mommies, you can find lots of toys on a cut-price from this Mall. This Bowling set is a bit pricey, it wasn’t on sale.



There’s this tiny switch at the bottom of the Bowling Pins if the child wants to play with lights.


It looks like this at night. Amazing, isn’t it? It can serve as your night lamp too. Akyn enjoys the ceiling light reflection at night. “Wow, nice light,” my little toddler’s remark.


My son’s favorite cartoon character, the Minion. It’s a battery operated toy that dances and sings the Minion Banana song. It cost for as low as Php179.00. Can you believe that? I’ve posted a video of this dancing toy in my IG if you want to check on how it works.



The last item we had before I’ll entirely spend more than our budget, was this white tee for Php 119.00 and a pair of Tennis shoes from Toes for Php 479.00 You’ll find several affordable toddler clothes and shoes there if you aren’t particular with the brand.



He couldn’t even spare a minute of his time to pose for a photo. He’s busy checking his new toys.


Hey, Mommies! Where do you normally shop for toys? I would appreciate for some suggestions.


  1. Wow! So many shopping loots for Akyn. I love those baby tees and shorts. So comfortable and affordable. I now have an idea where to buy for gifts

    1. You got to start saving for your shopping adventure. Have Fun♥

  2. Nice post. Thrift shopping for the little one.

    1. Exactly! Who wouldn’t have to splurge into shopping at an affordable price?

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